Whatever happend to the 100s free transmogs that where promised?

So i have been readinf through the updates prior to release, since i felt they promised us way more free transmogs then we currently have. I found this one for example:

The best-looking cosmetics aren’t exclusive to the Shop. Diablo IV will ship with hundreds of transmogs unlockable from drops in-game, including dozens of armor sets of the highest visual quality. There are incredible pieces—Unique and Legendary quality items—for players to find without ever going to the Shop. The Shop offers more diversity of choices, not systematically better choices.


When looking in the transmog closest i find barely 20 armor transmogs, thats a far cry from the 100s that where promised, is it not?
The legendary or the unque ones dont even give us unique looks, more often then not its the same visual or just a reskin with slightly different default colour.

All in all rather dissapointing tbh.

Also i think we can all agree that shop has higher quality ones then the ones found free in the game.


20*5 =?

Every piece looking different on other classes


thats lame, not everyone plays all classes, a lot of armor that was showcased never made it into the game for free, but instead went straight to the store


Blizzard never sayed 100 for every class…

Link for the armor that go to shop but was announced for free?

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HUNDREDS means at least 200. There is no reason not to expect at least 40 or so per class.

EDIT: Though if you count each helmet, chest, gloves, pants, boots, weapons, and back accessories. There most likely really is HUNDREDS.


Average 20 helmets, chest, pants, boots gloves and weapon per class

6* 20 * 5= 600 different skins

And again blizzard never sayed per class…, what you think doesn’t matter

Blizzard didn’t lie.

If you add up all the pieces separate for all classes they probably add up to 400 or so.

So technically they didnt lie

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Don’t know why you felt the need to reply to me, as I wasn’t countering your comment. My edit was even in quite a bit before you replied to me.

This isn’t true.

You can unlock 600+ skins

What’s the problem?

They may be correct about the number, but then there is this:

The best-looking cosmetics aren’t exclusive to the Shop.

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That is a matter of opinion:

They still didnt lie.

Please, just stop.

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You’re such a shill, no one even takes you serious anymore.

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ppl can have different opinions you know and are allowed to voice then in constructive feedback. Not sure why all you do is defend blizz non stop. Pretty lame tbh.


There are 24 armor sets in game so when you look at helm, chest, gloves, pants, boots that is 120 transmogs. Then weapon have 253 transmogs. For a total of 373 in game transmogs. Then you can add in shop cosmetics if you purchased them.

I am not saying i like all the cosmetics.

Just merely stating fact. Their statement was an opinion. If you dont understand that, i cannot help you.

Name calling wont make you right that they “lied”

Where did i defend blizzard?

I said they didnt lie. They stated their opinion. Of course opinions vary. I dont even like all the cosmetics.

But there are hundreds of cosmetics…literally. They did not lie.

Also, “constructive” feedback isn’t just saying someone lied: that is not constructive.

But some people make emphatic statements that are not based in reality.

Well each class has at least 70 free transmogs, so that’s 350 right there. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I am sure you understand the problems with advertising something using opinions. Leaving players feeling like they were misled. Some would take the players stance, but as a player some would rather defend Blizzards opinion.


Double your Fake news number and you come a step closer to the truth