What is the purpose of the “silver scroll”

Okay after playing from beta, for the first time today I dropped the “Silver Scroll”
I get a nice chat through about being cleansed etc…but then an activation option for pressing down the right controller to use? nothing seems to happen and I don’t see anything obvious ( ie new title etc etc) so I google… “Diablo 4 Silver Scroll” there are only 2 hits one with an image of said scroll and one with the blurb but nothing saying what it is or what activating it does._ scroll disappears on use.

Any geniuses out there figured it out ?

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I recommend checking your side quests. you could activate / track the sidequest that has to do with the, silver scroll, and i haven’t got one. it just sounds like a side quest. items will drop in the open world that can lead you to a side quest,

get some renown, look at the cool art for the area the sidequest is in, and have fun.

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Thanks Dafeet3d-1577, good thought but nope no side quest associated, having completed all side quests no new quest appeared when I activated the scroll, I have 4 x 100 level characters Rogue, Necro, Druid and Sorc this is the first time I’ve come across this item and from the massive response by the player base here (you) and google search returning just 2 hits… it’s still a bit of a mystery. At least it’s a distraction from the rinse repeat Duriel materials grind just to get another pointless amulet. 102 runs complete over 4 weeks, Uniques 106 / Uber Uniques 0

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Did a little digging and it looks like it may be one of the Lore Books that drops in Dungeons, or perhaps from one of the Open World’s Side Quest Dungeons.


It might be one of the 3 items that drop after killing enough cows in certain areas as sort of a cow lvl easter egg. Its been a while since i read an article about it so i dont remember what the items are called.
Im too lazy to google it.

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It did mention “lore” in the blurb on the web, it is also possible I suppose as a possible cow level item… (I actively kill every cow everywhere) - but cow items need cleansed at the cow pond in key bardu as I understand it - this allowed me to activate it within the NMD dungeon I had just completed but didn’t show any obvious effect or action… thanks folks appreciate your thoughts…

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I mean if you told everyone what nightmare dungeon would help.

All we know is kehj20

Things like what character type you got in on, if you were zone 100% complete in kehjistan, lots of info could help us uncover the truth