What is going on over there? Who the heck is making these horrible decisions now?

Here comes another angry gamer post.

I log in early to try to get enough time in the queue to do the world boss.

Playing fine. Then I get hit with 316719. Now I have a 34 minute queue, because the only thing that I can do to fix your incompetence managing infrastructure is log out and restart my game then log back in… unbelievable.

This is the beta, but seriously. I am getting tired of your constant network issues due to your lack of investment in infrastructure that is carried across multiple games. You have been in business for an eternity compared to a lot of other companies and they blow you out of the water here.

Dump some money into your infrastructure and increase the end user experience instead of padding your shareholder’s pockets. WE ARE ALL STAKEHOLDERS. You seem to have forgotten that. WE got you here. Your player base, not those incompetent fools in the board room.

Same crap, different day. Anyway, I hope everyone else enjoys the world boss because I bet it’s going to be the same stupid crap whenever the next one spawns. Random network issue, DC or reload, queue time and no boss fight again.

And before anyone says, “it’s just a game why are you getting so upset?”

It’s not just a game. It’s a service you either pay for directly for games that involve a monthly sub, or, by purchasing a game that cannot be played offline without a reliable service that doesn’t decrease or severely impact end user experience consistently. And the service is typically garbage, no matter what the product.


Stress test beta, whats so hard to understand?


Yes, they are stress-testing the server, but it’s more than that. As I mentioned, I play/subscribe to a large amount of services from Blizzard and this problem exists in all of them, through beta, launch, and (especially in wow’s case) when they release new content, there are ALWAYS network-related issues. If you want to turn a blind eye, that’s your choice, but do not presume to tell me that “stress testing” is the issue here, when clearly it’s not, when you have so many options and computing on demand these days. It’s actually bloody ridiculous.


Look at you go. This is the content we all come to the forums for.

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Ah well, I know when to throw in the towel. I am done with the “open beta stress-test.” That’s enough for me. GLTA

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All these chickenheads defending Blizzard, arguing, “BRO, IT’S A BETA TEST… DURR! YOU’RE TESTING THEIR SERVERS!” are idiots. We are not testing their servers (how utterly stupid and boring); we are testing their GAME.

Secondly, these sorts of server issues, which have not been resolved are almost certainly going to occur again once the full game is released. When that happens, what will these fools say then? There really can’t be a defense for company whose incompetence substitutes its players idea of fun via gameplay with waiting in queue due to crap servers.

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They wil lsay BUT BUT game just relesee xd

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They already came out and said this is a server and bug test, not a demo.

Save your tears and go play something else, stop wasting bandwidth in game and on the forums.

Corporations induce a hive thinking that is controlled by lazy programmers who say that things can’t be done instead of finding ways to make it happen. The sales department dictates what is in the game as opposed to someone’s vision of the game. The diversity and inclusion group takes any identity out of the game. The accountants limit resources to mitigate any risk. No one person can say, OMG that is a great idea. It has to go through a committee and be scrutinized until it becomes a shadow of what the vision was. Then, the CEO comes down and says that your game must be ready to go by June in order for us to make 8 billion now, instead of making a great game that will sell the IP for years to come.

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Apparently some idiots can’t understand that during beta TESTING some FLAWS are revelead. Do you UNDERSTAND that BETA TESTING is for finding FLAWS? Do you SERIOUSLY expect a perfect experience from a BETA TEST?

Honestly, they said that, but that’s BS. They have data from 20+ years of running servers for mmos and arpgs.

Bugs, sure, I get that.

Network issues because they need to “stress test.”

All of a sudden, because it’s 2023, things are so different? The user player behavior and common login times are soooo different? So much so, that they need to throw out all the old data and start from scratch because they just somehow don’t know what to expect, like, at all, with the D4 service model?

LMAO. Yea… Not even close.