What happened to our paragon boards (and glyphs)?

While i agree it isnt a big deal to relevel the glyphs, this is not a good look.

Oh and there is the feeling. Ya know, like we already busted our butts leveling them to 21 with the old xp, and now we gotta relevel them or wait for a fix?

Naw. I am pretty positive when it comes to this game, but even this is getting kind of worn out for me.


Tbh honest , between lvl 19 and lvl 21 glyph, the upgrade is minimal, and i can deal with lvl 19 until it is hotfixed, im allready clearing AoZ t9 atm with lvl 19 ones. If you were on lvl 15 after a month and a half… I dunno what to say? Casual or slacker?

Yup :confused:
Uber slacker extraordinaire.

Oh it’s fun and challenging pushing AoZ with lvl 14 Glyphs.
I’m going to relevel them now though. It’s hurting a bit.

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Naw. Sorcs are 19 (were 21), my rogue’s are 14 (were 15)

No slacking or being lazy, but again, not a good look or good feeling.

I mean, this game has been sloppy from the beginning. I say sloppy because i don’t have a better word. Every game has bugs. I het it. These types of games have been plagued with balance issues. Understandable. Itemization is also an issue….i get it. But their bandaids, patches and content has been sloppy at best.

Again, i like the game, i do….but it is becoming very messy.

2 of mine went to 19 the other 3 went to 14

Before the patch they were all 21

IS this a visual bug or are these glyphs actually deleveled?

You’re clearly a hard man and not someone to be trifled with, sitting there as you are in front of a computer playing pretend.

Looks like another patch 1.10 ladies and gents, they blantanytly and bald faced lied when they said they would never make such drastic changes and wouldnt nerf characters mid season.

Nipple cripplers again? The lowest!

so many people not being able to read the pinned posts at the top of the forums.

I think they made the glyph XP per level requirement higher to get ready for the new patch but they applied it retroactively. I had 21s that rolled back to 19s but now they take about 500-600 glyph XP per level. I don’t think it was ever that high? maybe I’m wrong.

I don’t mind the mild entertainment of watching people panic and pick up pitch forks over this. Some people just like to take any opportunity to be angry.


lol, what happened to our paragon boards? I didn’t even look just tried to beat lvl 1 on my lvl 19 glyphs…did not go well.

If you died in AoZ t1, the glyph missing 2 lvl is bot your problem :person_tipping_hand: you ll see when they back to 21, u’ll die again.

IS every run of AoZ 800 powder or is that just to get started or if you lose?

IF you beat Level 1 do you pay 800 to get to level 2??

Made me think of “You sit at the computer all day, you know NOTZING of hard life!” :rofl:

I’m waiting until the issue is resolved to log in. Not wanting to level a bunch of glyphs 19 to 21 again.

The last patch today fixed it.