We need a better build system in Diablo 4!

Dear Blizzard,

I’m writing this post to request an improvement to Diablo 4’s build system. As a dedicated Diablo player, I was excited by the promise of more complex and customizable builds in the new game. However, after playing the beta and early access and more than 400 hours I discovered that the current system is frustrating and impractical.

The problem:

The main problem is the lack of an easy way to save and switch between builds. Right now, if you want to try out a new build, you have to manually change your skills, talents, equipment, and even attributes. This is extremely time-consuming and tedious, especially if you want to test several different builds.

The solution:

The solution is simple: Implement a build system similar to what was used in Diablo 3. In D3, players could save complete builds, including skills, talents, equipment and gems, in a “wardrobe”. This allowed them to quickly switch between different builds with just a few clicks.


A better build system would have several benefits for players:

Greater experimentation: With an easier build system, players would be more likely to experiment with different builds and playstyles. This would increase the diversity of builds in the game and make the experience more fun.
Increased Efficiency: Being able to quickly switch between builds would allow players to adapt to different game situations more efficiently. For example, you could have one build for PvE and another for PvP.

Better quality of life: A better build system would simply make the game more enjoyable to play. No one likes to waste time manually changing their skills and equipment.


I believe a better build system is a necessity for Diablo 4. It would make the game more fun, experimental, and efficient for all players. I urge Blizzard to consider implementing this improvement in a future update.

Thank you for your attention.

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I hope this post is useful!


Yes, this!

After reaching 100 (and even before) I want to play around with trying different builds and even gear sets. This allows for continued interest and fun in the character I’ve leveled without the need to build another character just to try a different meta. It also allows for saving different builds for different activities such as mat Farthing vs his fights (eg Lilith).

If I want to swap one piece of gear, I likely want to swap 3-4 pieces due to keeping armor and resistance balanced and some synergies with aspects. This is tedious today and hard to keep track of.
If I want to try a different Paragon board… Well I did that once, and never again. Way too painful. What happens if it doesn’t work out… and I want to revert?

And go ahead and charge me the gold to respec. That’s fine. Just don’t make me take screenshots of everything so I can remember where/what I have configured, and 60 minutes to click on trees to try something out for 15 minutes.

Despite being ‘able’ to respec, it feels a lot like early D2 where I can’t respec.

Question on re doing a paragon board. Ive never wiped my skills, only cherry picked a few here and there to go to better points.
If you clear a whole board, does it go away and allow you to open/select a different one?

I don’t believe you have the option to clear one board, only a full reset.

You can definitely remove individual points from a board, I just don’t know what happens if you remove all of them from a board. Which is why im asking. None of mine have any board with a few points on it, they all have a fairly equal distribution aka too many to want to test this out myself.

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I know that, what I’m saying is you can’t clear all points on one board with 1 click. but yes, after you clear one board you can change to a different board.

I would love that! :scream:

My main problem is that the skill tree is so confusing to use in the first place.