Uniques need rework

Another big problem accuring in context of the new Tempering system are the uniques. 80% of the time they are not really worth it anymore compared to legendary weapons with 5 affixes but this can be adressed very easiely imo:

  1. Significantly increase all affix numbers on uniques to make them compete with legendaries more

  2. Consider allowing unique items to be tempered 1x time. This would make all weapons have 5 affixes which is more fun and should buff them enough. Players will still need to make choices between different tempering recipies and uniques will still keep that flavour of beeing sm special.

  3. rework some uniques which are looking trash after introducing certain tempering affixes. For example “Frostburn” is a joke now because we can stack nearly 100% LH to freeze with tempers/masterworking on legendary items. Also Xfal ring feels quite stupid now with all that elemental surge stuff (which is gonna be fixes probably too but anyways).


I agree that uniques need a balance pass but they need to be more than just stat sticks.

They need to look at the Unique aspect and then design the affix combinations around how that item contributes to a unique build.

Classes that can only equip 1-2 weapons probably need their uniques overhauled first, as they are in real trouble.


Unique has been an issue since release. No one is going to equip Ancient Oath all because the player will lose out 100% bonus to legendary aspect. The opportunity cost is too high. At the same time, equipping a Grandfather will be a no brainer since it’ll boost damage output far higher than any combination of affixes can.

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Tibault too, was nerfed, and only has 3 affixes, as an extra potions. Tibault is dead.

i think tibault is still one of the better ones because it has close damage reduction which is very rarely nowadays that can be a GA and still a 1,2x dmg multiplier.

It’s a bit ironic but with making DR very rare Tibault’s now stands out as an excellent defensive piece of equipment.


The damage is not multiplied by GA, it is from your unique ability. It can only be used as defense, now it’s a shame.

I know. Im talking about the DR that can be a GA. so you can reach 30% close DR or something which is better than a might aspect in most cases

if tibaults gets a slight buff (change potion to something else) then i can see it being good on 20-50% of the builds which is a healthy amount.

That is an interesting example, how much better is Grandfather than a well Tempered 2H legendary weapon now?

Grandfather is arguably one of the best Uber Unique’s in the game ,and I am not certain its going to be the pinnacle it once was ? Not that its necessarily a bad thing, good itemization creates choice and a healthy tension between end game items. However, when you consider most other unique 2H weapons are some distance behind Grandfather it tells you how far legendary items have come and why there is concern.

For a barbarian, 2hander give 100% bonus to legendary aspect. Currently, there isn’t any 2hander unique that will outperform 100% bonus aspect aside from Grandfather.

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Even then I actually think Grandfather is going to get a run for its money based on the current changes.

+1 tampering to uniques and mark this solved.

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I doubt it. Considering with Grandfather, a player can reach upward to 1000+ crit damage. The only way blizzard can make Grandfather undesirable is by getting rid of +critical damage affix.

Elemental Surge is already a better affix but that might be because it’s over tuned. Time will tell I guess, out of our hands now :grinning:

I have a idea to make Diablo 4 better.
Uniques seem a little under powered now with the new tempering system. My idea is we should be able to add a legendary affex from the codex of power to a unique so they have a total of 6 affexs like legendaries. Instead of using veiled crystals for material, instead have resplendent sparks be used to enhance uniques. This could be a chase item to get the perfect build going.

Also could you fix the Razorplate unique to have more affexs because the master working it up won’t have any benifit for it at all.