Unique drops no longer spark joy

I see that brown shimmer (such an apt colour) and think, well, this will be worse than the unique I’m currently using. And it is. It always is. Tragic rolls, each one more scuffed than the next. But to play D4 is to suffer.

Suggestion, if the devs aren’t completely beholden to Nietzsche, maybe the band between low and high could be narrower for uniques than other items. You know, to spark the joy that a unique drop should spark.


They spark no joy because they are no longer rare items. They turned them into uncommon items so when you get one its meh.


His point is that the rolls tend to be terrible which most would agree and I would add, seem totally detached from your character level. I just got a sacred Penitent Greave from Helltide and I’ve been on World Tier 4 since day 2.

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Don’t tell Marie Kondo that. You’ll lose all your ubers and get only left with photos of them.


Same but I got a 925 Ancestral perfectly rolled Movement Speed Penitent Greaves on day 25 which has the best speed on all the boots I got so far.

Also happened on Mutilator Plate Chest… got Sacred on day 5 but I got 920 Ancestral perfectly rolled Max Life, Total Armor% and Lance Damage on day 22.

Their ‘unique’ properties are boring because the itemisation in this game is probably the worst in arpg history.

Not true vanilla d3 still holds the crown of bad itemisation

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“no joy” because most of them are trash, and worst yet, their rolls are even worst. I am saving them ‘just in case’ there is a normal unique trade in program at some point.


I have a tab and half filled with uniques that I can’t use. They don’t fit my current build. If D4 actually wanted players to experiment, there are dozens of builds I would like to try. Unfortunately, doesn’t allow save and restore. They make it cost prohibitive, time not gold, to actually try different builds.

What a shame! I would love to be able to try out all those various uniques but still get back to my current favorite build.

Don’t even find enough uniques as it is (let’s not even talk about the Unicorn, aka Uber Uniques, which I’m convinced at this point don’t actually exist) to really get excited in the first place. This season I’ve found…five different uniques? Is that “too much” for them? Why does it matter if the drop rate is so low?

Terrible idea. Removing the rolls just makes it so after you have found 1 it will certainly not spark any joy because you will have no use for a 2nd one. Plus they have mostly put every “decent” unique on boss drops with very high drop rates.

You can get ANY unique you want except the uber ones with very little effort and time. So they are not special anymore, they are just a tick box to complete for your build.

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I also do that. Hoping for something useful to do with them because salvaging them doesn’t even guarantee any forgotten souls so why not just hang onto them and see if they do something special. Doubtful but hey, a man can dream.

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Pretty amazing what happens when you make uniques common as heck eh

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There are simple fixes for this:

1] uniques drop less but roll ranges are tighter. You are less likely to get unique but when you do its much better

Example: starfall coronet with made up numbers as i dint look item up and item power changes it

Max life 500 - 1200
Cooldown reduction 5-9s
Meteor 2-4
Lucky hit 15 - 25

Max life 800 - 1200
Cooldown reduction 7-9s
Meteor 3-4
Lucky hit 20 - 25

2] A new item like a mini aspect can go on uniques and uniques only. Call it Unique Shards.

You get random unique shards from salvaging uniques, world boss, shard chests (1per helltide at 500), chaos whisper, and dungeons with shard reward affix. Ubers salvaged give 2-4 uber shards. Uber shards can on any unique.

Shard of Reserved Power - 3-6% max resource
Shard of Haste - 4-7% movement and attack speed
Shard of the Turtle - Gain 5-10% more fortify
Shard of Summoning - Minions, companions, and conjurations gain 2-4% chance to deal double damage.
Shard of Luck - Gain 3-5% lucky hit chance.
Uber Shard of the Crest - +1 all skills
Uber Shard of the Dark Pact - Does nothing until you have 3. At 3 your minions inherit all of your stats (not 33%) and you and your minions deal 15-25%x more shadow damage. Necro only.

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They keep pumping drop rates to appease the I want it too without the effort crowd, they arent rare and arent tradeable, charsi food

unless it’s a nmd 80+, i don’t pick anything in the over world no more: it’s gaurenteed to be low ilvl trash no matter what. as to how they can make loot this boring, idk. it’s not like they have had 3 games to learn from or something.