Uber uniques collecting

Can we get an update that takes the uber unique’s that we have gotten out of our loot pool until we get them all???

no? why on earth would it do that?

i have like 7 of the starless rings that i am not going to use and still havent got harli crest after 600 runs

You softcore folks are very funny…

cause getting 8 seligs in row sucks

Haha I just want one to drop after 300 runs of duriel see this is what the problem is we got players asking for lists of what they have because their rng has chosen them to win the full experience of the game while others who paid for the same game get hosed and don’t know what it would be like to play with any of the gear. The game has clearly decided that I won’t be experiencing any Uber items and I’ll just have to settle for characters that fight at tier 60 max. Love playing with people asking me to put on gear I can’t get. Just been playing hell tides and bosses the whole time with no results except spendable materials for flickerstep drops

I have over 1000 hours into this game, yet to see an Uber Unique…