Uber Lilith and meta

Can only meta characters defeat her? My character is 100 and I’ve died well over 100 times. Long and short times. It’s a long fight and I can’t seem to last. Pulverize Druid. Any ideas? Thanks

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try not to die that usually helps


I defeat lilith with incinerate build that I made is not easy but doable, cant post link to show I dont know why.

took around 5 minutes total to kill with Arc Lash sorc with level 15 glyphs and missing some ideal stats on gear. changed build shortly after to Ball Lightning, same gear and glyphs… killed her both phases in 3-5 seconds each… complete BS how unbalanced the game is… so many builds are just too weak and then you have the ridiculously OP builds that destroy everything with ease

all i can recommend is trying out a different build, one that nukes it. it’s a trash fight anyway with unfair mechanics so nuke build makes it fair

My Ball Lighting Soc, hits like a hot knife on room temp butter. The issue I’m having is waiting for the mechanics to kick in. Her 2nd form has a sliver of health before she start destroying the platform. I keep dying while trying to move.

You can kill her easily with any high damage build. Doesn’t have to be meta.

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Uber Lilith fight is gimmicky, it’s not hard just gimmicky. You have to go in with specific build or it’s impossible.

You have to one-shot her every time she has health bar. Can your build do 500m damage in 1-5 seconds? If not, it’s impossible for you.

Right now, HoTA Barb is the easiest. Walk in, she spawns, hit once for 500 million, she disappears, she respawns, hit her once for 500 million, go up top, evade when platform crumbles, go to right side, evade when platform crumbles, go to left side, evade when platform crumbles. That’s it. That’s the whole fight IF you can hit her for 500m. If not…well it’s impossible.

i dont play a meta build and i defeat her easyly

Are you in eternal realm? Any chance of some help :sweat_smile:? I can give u in game gold if needed?
Psn: xxMBE13xx

sorry man, won’t be able to help as i’m xbox and my eternal characters need a lot of new gear as it’s outdated thanks to blizz changes. i haven’t touched them since a month or so before S1 started

It’s not worth it for one time only drop don’t waste your time. It’s not a Diablo boss it’s a bastardization of what the games end bosses used to be…farmable. Uber Lilith is trash. I worked so hard to get myself to be able to beat her and you have to wait for a favor attack sequence from her and you get two usual crap items only once. WASTE OF TIME!!! They should have called the game Duriel not Diablo 4

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I am happy you were able to defeat Uber Lilith. The boss encounter is truly unique and takes certain items and specs. But the drop rate doesn’t matter it’s all strategy and skill. You will have your items somewhere. But by the way there is no reason to get loot from her. Once she is dead you can truly say you have beaten the game. But why we get zero PVP? This is grounds for law suits or even war.

Lilith is a dumb fight with dumb mechanics.

Season 2 they improved her a bit, season 3 they have completely f*cked her up again