Twisting Blade in patch notes (Question)

Will the 20% to twisting blades be enough?

I was going to go melee rogue and then I realized how bad melee rogue is. I am curious of anyone thinks it’ll make a difference.

There could be viable TB build for high tier (+100) pit pushing but the way I see it chances are slim. The game by design forces you to use basic attacks for damage scaling. So you will need your combo points to scale the TB damage; so those buffs alone will not make any appreciable difference. You will have to use umbrous aspect for DR but I doubt that alone would be enough because when you are in the melee range you are more likely to take damage at a faster rate compared to a marksman build; so you might have to invest some extra points on paragon for additional DR. On top of that you also need to stack good amount of attack speed and dodge chance. Before the final patch I was going for a TB variant which uses beastfall boots and scounderel leathers. The idea is to keep the inner sight up so there is constant trap deployment and with Leyrana’s instinct node you would get a multiplicative core damage bonus without having to use generator. Did not work; multiplicative bonus for basic attack aspects is way much stronger, and you need to stack vast amount core damage bonus, resources for which is non-existent in the game. So I’d suggest you take a route similar to rapid fire build which uses combo points. I have tried non-meta build and got punished for it and now I am out of resources.

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