Time to be critical of the game for its sake

Lengthy incoming:

I can play through Diablo 1, Diablo 2, and Diablo 3 and do not get bored. I can do Maggot Lair 100 times and I HATE that place but I’m not bored doing it.

But after getting to 25 on the barbarian and doing some dungeons and stuff, I can’t bring myself to do it again on the Necro or Rogue.

I think about doing the main story and cringe. Follow quest, stupid writing, click this and then click that, more stupid writing, boring loot, meaningless legendary items. Repetitive dungeons with repeating bosses and click/fetch/kill quests. Cellars with janky rewards. There’s no hook.

Loot means nothing in this game. I get gear, see it’s an item level upgrade, put it on, move on. You always feel exactly the same strength no matter what so I honestly don’t think it matters what you equip. I’m going to log in soon and play in all whites at 25 vs. all legendary and see if it actually makes a difference.

The shared world is terrible. Mobs respawn, events repeat and aren’t fun, powerful players wreck all the mobs while you try to kill stuff. The world boss has a TIMER.

There’s a Battle Pass. The game is a chore. It feels like Diablo Immortal. And I HATE that worse than the Maggot Lair.

The game is lacking. Lacking meaningful loot, lacking a good story, lacking interesting quests, lacking skill tree options, lacking…something. It’s Diablo. And I feel about enthused playing this as I do playing any other old boring game.

And I would say maybe I’m jaded but I can get on Rimworld or Civ6 or Grim Dawn or Last Spell or Against the Storm and play them for hours.

The art team was absolutely on point with the core of Diablo but the system designs and gameplay design teams made this game just to cash in on the name, shove out a battle pass, and crank on the MTX so the shareholders can get richer. I hate it.

Rubberbanding, lag, FPS issues, major balance issues, tedious quests, lame skills, absolutely boring loot that means nothing, a story pulled out of nowhere that is dull and Saturday-morning-cartoon…

I want to offer solutions but really, I don’t know how to fix it.

The best fix (for me) would be to change itemization and loot: lower drop rates of yellow items and severely lower the drop rate of legendary items to actually make them valuable, remove pointless itemization like ‘damage to close and ranged’, make legendary items UNIQUE with fixed abilities and completely scrap the ability to remove them and add them to other gear, and remove so much loot clutter. I don’t need to loot 1000 stone piles with 6 gold, I would rather loot 2 with 20 gold.

Another major one is monster scaling: set level limits on dungeons and zones. 1-10, 10-20, 20-30, etc. so that I can outlevel an area and smash it if I want and mobs just don’t give xp or go to harder zones and kill tougher mobs for higher xp.

Completely remove the stupid objectives in dungeons. Maybe have a dungeon here or there where you need a key or to put idols on platforms or kill a couple mobs but EVERY SINGLE DUNGEON doesn’t need me saving 4 prisoners and killing a giant bone idol before the next area. It is incredibly tedious.

Make cellars interesting. Have some unique thing happen: a hidden stash you have to find in a wall, a secret door that opens to another area with a boss, a friendly fallen one that sells gear, whatever. Something.

Anyway, the game needs major work. As it stands, I would give it a 5/10.



i think it needs 6months to a year not 3 months :wink:

i dont know how theyll “fix” everything in 3 months.

*on the other hand i don’t wanna wait 6months to a year lol


I think it needs at least another 6 months and another beta test. I don’t like waiting, either, but I would rather wait to play a game that feels like an actual Diablo game than play another rehashed Diablo Immortal.


give it another 11 years, they should get balance right by that time … /s


5/10 for a aaa. You are being generous.


Do so with a lvl 25 character yes? Over and over, and then come back here and tell us all how you are not … bored and only until Skeleton King or so.

Can’t say the same for D2 since levels are different there.

Anyway, thank you for play.



More like two years. The entire skill tree needs to be redesigned. It’s too simple and stale. There will be next to no build diversity at higher levels in this game because the base talent system locks you into only a few real choices.

Majority of build diversity needs to come from the talent tree. Not from items.


I’m sure the game completely transforms when you start getting paragon points. Level 25 feels like its just scratching the surface.


You do realize that they even ANNOUNCED that beta has boosted drop rates, right? That means the live game has even less rewards, will feel even slower and hurt so much more when you can’t get that scheduled world boss down because of whatever reason.

The game completely transforms once live hits, drop rates get nerfed and the season pass and item shop are introduced for damn sure. It’s just not in the direction you expect.


All beta problems aside … the game just doesn’t feel like anything more than a pathetic attempt at a D3/DI expansion that was thrown together in the past month and a half.


I love the itemssystem alot!! The dungons could be more randoms, but i think they will be later levels. I can understand old players who wants something from the past games… There are some sounds and darknes from Diablo2, and some monsters from diablo1,2,3, and some combat from diablo3, but overall i think diablo4 its something new!! I hope blizzard dont listen to much to negative ppl who wants new Diablo2 or diablo3!!! I love new style of diablo4 and its unbelievable good graphic and story!! Please blizzard dont change to much!!! We love you!

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What is that have to do with …wtf are you even talking about? The legendary drop rates are higher, yes. So? Pff, its a game. ARPG. Diablo. Its MEANT to be grindy, lol.

Like …for exemple? What reasons?

You are spot on for my taste and expectation mate… To me this is just shameful and once again showing that they only want the money from the masses and cba to make a good game.

For example, everyone praises the story but while the wanderer was unique, D3 brought the whole nephilem BS into it and the lilith myth as well and for me that simply killed it as its just a cheesy excuse for writing something new and/or interesting. Lilith, nibiru and nephilim is mythology.

I mean, just check this shoot out: “The warrior is obviously the Dark Wanderer - which is also Aidan, the other son of King Leoric. The amazon is Blood Raven you find in Act1. The wizard is the SUmmoner you defeat in Act2. Basically all heroes were present and contributed to kill Diablo in D1 (even if you played alone), and all of them were corrupted by its dark power.” /jawdrop …

I see you complaining and screaming very loudly once you realize that both season pass as well as heavy, secondary monetization are part of the deal you’re buying into. :slight_smile:

In a nutshell: terrible gamedesign.

Pre-Worldboss I never (needed to) play in a group, so had no clue about the armor wearing out over ten revives. When I went to repair and ran back to the boss it was gone without any loot/box left.
On the second try I tailored my build for the boss, prepared by telling everyone what and how to dodge, to resurrect eachother to prevent armor from breaking etc. Didn’t matter much because we were only 3 lvl 25s and over a dozen lowlevels so the boss eventually despawned with a fifth of his healthbar left.

For a “tailored”, scheduled experience this is the most disappointing garbage I have experienced in over thirty years of PC gaming.


Listen, I was a supporter for D3 to had a …season pass, cash shop, whatever, for them to keep Diablo 3 with updates and stuff, not just balances. It…didn’t happen.

I am glad D4 will have a …season pass, cash shop whatever, as long as there are no P2W sht in it. In this way, they can keep it up and running for many years.

Really? So your cryings are more or less about 1 ( ONE ) World Boss and that you had no clue ( your mistake not them ) that after 10 deaths you need to repair your armor? HELLO!? This is Diablo . It has been like since D2.

Ok, I have read the rest of your post in hope that you will come up with other…issues. Nope, just the world boss.

Ok, bye!

The game felt very generic to me. Mediocre in every area except for graphics and maybe writing. It feels like an Asian MMO. :frowning:


Thats the crazy part. They used 10 years and came up with something that is so drastically not integrated, not balanced, not coded properly, not at all thought through or tested in any meaningsful way.

And yet these dudes get along with it since marketing is done well enough to get the money. Should be severely punsished for the bad work and management and forced to include some love, soul and properly constructed coding.


I can respect your opinion on some of your points, but… Honestly you didn’t play enough and you don’t know enough about the game to give educated feedback for a lot of your points.

There are Unique items, we just didn’t see any in the Beta. Legendaries are different than Uniques. What you want here is in the game, you just don’t know about it.

Legendary items are really meaningful if you find one’s that change the way a skill works completely. It really does matter what you equip if you put more time into the game. At low levels the gear gets better so fast you do just put on the better piece and move on, but that quickly changes even in the Beta. Stacking specific affixes has a huge impact on builds. Those powerful players you saw definitely payed more attention to gear than you. Unless they were a necromancer who doesn’t need to wear any items and can run through t2 like they’re level 100

I agree that the game needs major work.

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I guess if I had to give the feeling of D4…

D4 is to D2 as Retail is to Classic.
Certainly flashier and more to at end-game than D2, but boring grind to get to the endgame because nothing short of a legendary item feels meaningful… (and once you get to endgame, that doesn’t feel overly meaningful either if it’s anything like D3)

I very much hope that the rate of loot is severely curtailed in Live and this just had accelerated loot drops because they wanted players to see how items affected their classes.

(Also, why are shields a Necromancer only thing???)

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I’m wondering if this is the problem I have with the game. D2 there were so many enemies and places you can remember off the top of your head but so far besides Lilith, Inarius and the Butcher, whom I’ve not run across, I can’t remember anyone or any name of a place besides the Cathedral of Light (?).

Not one town or place in D4 really sticks out to me like the Stoney Fields and the cairn stones, Tristram and Griswold, the Cow level and the Cow King, Andariel and the Catacombs, Blood Raven and the Burial Grounds, and the list goes on and on from D2.

Sure it’s beta and we’ve only seen act 1 but most of what I’ve mentioned is from act 1 of D2. There doesn’t seem to be anything to pull me into the world. I like the story but so far that’s all there is to draw me in. I’ll be playing on launch and into the season but I’m hoping something finally grabs me.

To each their own.

EDIT: Can’t believe I didn’t even mention the name I’ve said the most over the years, “Rakanishu”. Love hearing the fallen say his name for some reason, lol.