This game Lol. Lmao even

Played for a good 30 minutes and I think I’ve had enough.

Here are the pros and cons from beta testing:

The good:
Lorath had a good voice actor
The dungeon design was okay.
The items display nicely on your character.
Some animations are good.
Character design is nice
sound deisgn is okay
Cutscenes with character could be okay (but I have framerate issues and loading issues)

The bad:
Graphics are worse than D2R, the camera angle is obnoxious and the UI is terrible
The gameplay is uninspired
Putting a point in a skill gives made my damage with it go from 9 to 10. Nice.
Skeletons summons looked awful, like truly awful.
Green arrow simulator loot, I changed a bunch of gear already for whatever reason. Every item drop has sucked massively. Not once was I excited for a blue. Something D1 did much much much better.
Buggy animations, its beta but whatever.
Font. Oh god the font.
The item display. Truly terrible design. Look at D2 or D1 for good item stat display.
Ui design is bad
gathering herbs and stuff, don’t know what thats about.
Everything is lit up. No deep dark contrast.
The font.
The quest and bonus objective, not sure what thats for, but I don’t like seeing yellow text in Arial font pop up telling me I need to grind fallens. Den of evil was enough thank you.
So many cutscenes and quest dialog, JUST LET ME PLAY (I loved p5r and ffxiv for reference and never skipped a cutscene or dialogue)

I’ll go and give another class a try but for now this looks like some weird game using diablo name and legacy to sell at a premium with a battlepass and 3 editions of the game.


Yeah because blues were the max you could get, aside from Uniques (many of which were terrible).

On the whole, most of your complaints are nonsensical and if you spent a bit of time and effort you’d get used to them. For starters - “quest and bonus objective.” That’s not a quest, dude, that’s a world event, and you get more stuff if you’re able to complete the Mastery.


It’s really bad. This will be the final nail for the company. Just wait.



Big take. Reaaaal big take.


I find it incredible that people complain about cutscenes and dialog. You can press one button to skip them. Complaining about this invalidates almost your entire post.


Let’s be honest, it won’t there are always sheeps following them.

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Why post this though? You played for 30 min, so you got to level 4? maybe?


Sorry I hurt your feels, broski. I just don’t agree with most of your points.

Graphics are fine. Font is fine, though I’d prefer the original Diablo font just because. UI could use some work, yeah. Item display seems fine. Gathering overworld herbs and such is for crafting (which should be kinda obvious, what ELSE is gathering ever for?), and you can skip the cutscenes and dialog. Meh.


IOW, you barely dipped your toes in.

Spend at least a full hour with each class, to get a much better feel for it. I <3 Necromancers in both D2 and D3 - moreso in D2 - and yet, until I hit level 15, I was seriously underwhelmed by D4’s necromancer.

Now I’m back to <3. (To be fair, I also have two items, one gives +2 skeleton warriors, the other gives +2 skeleton mages, so I have eleven minions now.)

Skill damage is Weapon-dependent. As early in things as you are now, of course it;s only going to go up 1 point. But, from 9 to 10 is an 11% increase. Picture if your weapon was doing 50x as much damage (which, by the time you’re in your 20s, is absolutely going to be the case). Then you’d go from 450 to 500. Not quite as shabby then, now, is it?

Because D1 only HAD blue items.

Upgrading your health potion, and crafting Elixers.

ESC key is your friend. Tap for dialog-only, hold for cuscenes.


Agree on several things

UI is horrendous
Glowy skeletons look very bad
Camera angle is a bit weird
Font is basic mobile game crap, should be like D1 and D2


i dont know, i never played D3 i play d 1 and 2 and so far i like it, the atmosphere was less cartoony / saturday cartoon villany, the sidequest were fun, the only thing i have to complain about is that on veteran game seems easy even on lvl 25, maybe world tier 3 and 4 will make the game more hardcore like D1 was, but otherwise i enjoyed it, and pre ordered it. hopefully they will make halloween / season events that extend the game and add new challenges and side quest with them.

If you really think the graphics are worst than D2R your rig needs help. The rest I can agree with.


I love this utterly brain-damaged take of 'You’re a sheep for not sharing my opinion on hating D4 & not letting me think for you.’
Every game, just replace the game title, and there’s mouth-breathers who think everyone not agreeing with them is a sheep.

The mental gymnastics for this mindset should be an Olympic sport.

My opinion, since I’m NOT a sheep and think for myself, is that I like D4.
(Side note; I love that this forum has a middle-finger emote…which we can’t use. Rofl)


d3 had 4 choices for every skill
d4 has 2 choices
here is the audience for d4: “duuuuuuh uuuuuhh bwwwwwwrrrghhhh uuuuhhh, uh oh i made a poopy in my jammies”


This forum has been an incredible source of entertainment and laughs while I’m stuck at work.

D4 is a decent enough game. Not great, not terrible. I good enough time waster if the mechanics suit you. A bit simpler then I’d like but overall a fun time with friends.

It took “me” 29 minutes to figure this out so I got the OP beat by ONE MINUTE!!!


User issue, the servers are up and running.

This game is weird, but ammount of Blizzard BS in unbearable.

They took all freedom from player,
telling you what to trade and what not (can trade only useless stuff, trade is there so they have something to advertise, but they clearly dont want this in game).
Cooldowns is Diablo ? Awful.
Mob scaling ? Horrible idea, feels like you are not getting more powerful in game.
Too many copy/paste in D4.
Everything feels so scripted in this game.
The complexity of builds is joke, even DOTA is more complex than this game.

This game took probly like 2 months to make. I think Blizzard cant really afford much nowadays, look at their games, look at mostly negative Steam reviews on WZ2, even the fact they sold game to Steam, they must be really desperate for some income nowadays.

It will find its fanboys, I mean Blizz can release $50 Chess game and people will fight for it to last breath on forums. :smiley:


You’re the one who implied people are ‘sheep’ for not agreeing with you.
So you may want to turn your inane babbling towards a mirror.

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WZ2? Whatever is that?

These folks always end up buying the game :~) lol