This game is boring and unrewarding

Feedback time.

I’m wondering why the devs didn’t learn anything from D3.

Lesson: When you reward players for time spent, they spend more time.

Instead we get objects you farm for a CHANCE at an igneous core. Then you spend 7 of these for a CHANCE at a unique seasonal gadget…that you get to use for about 2 weeks once you finally get it…before it goes away at the end of the season.

In this process you get shattered whatevers…that when you’ve upgraded your silly stones, you can only exchancge for Obals…that you exchange for item power 750-850 items…as a player that is trying to get 925 itmes…

Or you farm Duriel…or what you actually do is run whisper after whisper, or legion after legion…or world boss (every 2.5 hours) to get 1 of 4 parts, one of which can’t be coverted from anything else…all just to run a “Boss” that gives you one of 2 itmes needed for HALF of what you need to run a different Boss. Then you spend 10-15 minutes picking up these stupid little red things until you get enough to open a checst that gives you 5 things to then run a Boss to get HALF of what you need for the other HALF of the itmes needed to run a Boss.

Now after all of the effort to get to this other Boss, you’d think the rewards would be pretty sweet, right? Like special loots, say Ubers? How about no…because you just did all of that to get this one run on a person that drops you for 15th Godslayer Crown.

But, but, what about Uber exchange? Well, considering I’ve run a bit over 125 or so Duriels this season and gotten ZERO ubers, I’m assuming that I won’t get the FIVE required to exchange for the one that I would like.

I’m literally one-shotting every enemy in the game but I can’t get a 925 item from anyone outside of Duriel, and I can’t get an Uber for the 2 hours or so it requires for each 1-2 Duriel runs over the course of 100 runs…end game is a non-end game.

Look at the old lessons learned, Devs. D3 gave out the goods at the end and it was enjoyable. I’m done playing this waste of time that really isn’t even that fun to start with. Maybe I’ll check back when they decide to actually raise drop levels (and no, not from 0.03% to 0.06%).


i understand you casuals want the d3 participation trophies, but arpg’s are not about participation trophies. they are about grinding. if you dont want to grind and earn gear, try a different genre


So you can’t do NM 70-90’s? Cuz 925’s rain like candy in them. 90+ only 925’s drop….


They did thats why D4 isnt full of participation throphies and has more gameplay than 4 hours every season.

Likely that level is to hard for op because at this point no one should be complaining about 925


Diablo 4 is far more of a casual game than D3.

D4 skills: Choose 1 of 2 options.


If your finding the game boring I really do think you should give this game a rest, no game on earth has infinite content.

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Good lord I’m having flashbacks, d2 players said the same thing about d3 at this point I think it’s just become trendy to hate d4.

hmm i can spend less than 30mins in d3 and reach max level. 4hrs and i was at 600paragon. but ya d4 is much more casual than d3 lol


boring and unrewarding

That is what my wife says about me.


Yeah I’ve said as much in other topics myself, but thought for the first couple weeks I had just played way too much this season and thought people hadn’t realized NMV’s were far more lucrative than Duriel runs.

I think the farming time people keep stating is adorable too lol. I did not play much this week, but if people think it takes hours to get 1 set of mats for Duriel I don’t know what to tell them. I’d be accused of buying mats if I stated what I casually farmed with limited playtime this week.

Im confused how duriel for you takes 2 hours for 1-2 runs(rotations?).

If you have enough mats for 25 runs, do x5 rotations or even x10 with a full party and within a few hours you or someone else will get some ubers for dismantling.

I recommend the discord in a voice channel though as ingame with trade people scam you by making you go first with your mats and then kick you after the kill to repeat the scam on others.

Agreed. It’s also shallow and unimaginative. One of the weakest character building systems in RPG history.


Here’s an :umbrella: for your protection.
Your post and similar type, attracts the “I’m casual, I swear” sweatlord crowd that no-life’s the game & it’s already raining.
Beware posturing, :muscle: -ing, :mega: “MEMEMEME! #'s!1!!1” boasters, some hyperbole & insults too and all that nonsense.
I’m sure you’ve seen it before. It’s :yawning_face: worthy.

Anyway OP - this is just Hamster Wheel 4.
Nothing new, just different graphics & new labels for essentially the same loops.
It is what it is.
It’s a love/hate thing, this franchise.

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Said the 2327 message poster. :joy:

Why is it that the usual narcists who scream “Look at me” with thousands of inept posts have to reply to every thread with condescending, useless comments?


At least you recognize the trend of the series becoming more casual. Less choices in D3, and even less in D4. D5 should really make you happy when everything is predetermined for you.

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Bollocks. Diablo 3 is the most casual game there is.


The farming part reminds me of old school games that died for a reason. Games like Lineage 2 that had boring skills and classes…

Now that I think of it, L2 might actually be a better game than D4 overall. At least there is a community and crafting in that game. There is something to do while grinding, and something to grind for. There are guilds, wars, etc…

D4 is just…/yawn

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Appropriate username. :man_shrugging:

I should’ve said this in my initial reply.

1 major thing about D4 - Everything is Timed, gated, metered and throttled much more acutely than the previous installments.
Every A/RPG does this to a degree but D4 has it down to a science.(or at least tries/d to have it that way).
I suppose it’s the nature of the beast and the evolution of such things being developed time and again that eventually they’ll feel totally artificial and plastic.
While there’s good flow in some areas of the game, the systems at large FEEL very contrived.
The difference with a very high quality game is the degree in which Players can readily notice(or, ideally NOT notice) above mentioned ‘design mechanics’ at play while actively engaging with them.


Hey thx man. I lift.

Coming from someone that actually is trying to insult those that realize you absolutely don’t have to “no life sweatlord” this game to get geared/clear content it means so little.

Could the loops be better? Absolutely. Are they nearly as challenging or time consuming as everybody seems to make them out to be of late? Absolutely not.

Seriously, I don’t know how many times I have read “amg Duriel only way to get 925’s, gotta find a group, etc etc.

Yet you can run a NM70 vault and get bags worth of 925s in like 2-5 minutes….solo.

Farming mats takes “hours for 1-2 summons”? And “ < 5 rotations take an hour”? In the same paragraphs where tc said they were blasting through open world content. But I’m the “no life sweatlord” for pointing out just how inaccurate all that nonsense is? Got it.

I chalk it all up to “I want an uber and I want one now why won’t you make the loot pinata give me what I want”???!!

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