The Slow Beating Heart - can't progress stuck

I logged out during the part where I was supposed to talk to Neyrelle after I destroyed the wounded section to get past that part of the quest. I logged back in and the snake is blocking my path with no option to get past the snake.


i am stuck in the same part, any fix around this?

Same here, sadly you can’t quit the quest to reset. I’m still waiting for a fix.

Hello, I found a work around. I was stuck on the same quest.

My work around was follows:

Go to the entrance closest to the quest that is blocked by the serpent. This is assuming you’re stuck on part 5 like I was.

The entrance i went to was right next to the Ancient Reservoir dungeon. I stood as close to the snake as I could, logged out and back in and I was teleported to the quest zone. Hopefully this helps.

If you’re stuck on a different part maybe you can try it at a different spot!



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Yes it does! I can verify this!

You are a lifesaver! Thank you so much, it worked

I went N of that dungeon, logged out right next to snake and it put me right next to Neyrelle, thx!

Thanks MILFurion for your help here!

thx dude! it worked^^

Thank you man T^T almost create new character.

Been searching an entrance for like 45 minutes. thanks man. :blush:

This worked for me thank you!!!

This worked for me as well - thank you so much!!

This is the fix for Quest Step 7/7 - still working.

Thanks for the tip!

worked for me. thank you

My hero! This fix still works. Thank you for posting it.

Thanks man i was able to get the quest, good job!

This works really well, thanks!

Worked, thank you so much.