The expected way to trade gold on PS5

I recorded a video of me trading 20m gold to a clan mate just to demonstrate how this works:

There are several issues I have with this:

  1. It’s incredibly slow
  2. It’s not accurate at all
  3. There’s no way for the other person to know that you’re not just AFK

If this is the method that’s intended I would suggest at least adding a million increment instead of capping at 100k, and show some kind of active display to the other user so they can see what amount you’re at. I have a keyboard plugged in as well, and I tried just typing using that, and it didn’t do anything.

I traded 160m gold to someone for some living steel and it took several minutes of just holding the up arrow. Since there’s no display of me doing anything, I was very worried he would just back out of the trade at like 150m gold, leaving me to do it again.

If there is another method that I’m not seeing, please let me know. Thank you


That’ll be the day, trying scrolling billions worth. Just grab a rubber band and a battery and take a nap. Adding a chat box to gold add must be some insane process

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Expensive workaround:

Do have 2 licenses attached to your BnetID. One for PS5 and one for PC.
You can play the same character on PS5 and on PC.
When doing trades, switch to PC, use keyboard. When done, login to PS5.

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It’s ridiculous that a company like Blizzard doesn’t include a virtual keyboard option to add the total amount of gold!! You need to hold the button for 40 minutes :frowning: !

Oh just go buy another copy of their game and a computer in order to do the simplest thing possible….add gold. They can suck it

It really pissed me alot . From the first time I saw this kind of trading . I’m like who the hell design this?? It even passed QoL check ?

My vote is an auction house feature in addition to this. Dumb design to have to resort to third party websites for basic game features like trading…

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