The drop chance of Uber Unique items acquired outside of Uber Duriel encounters has been significantly increased

I wonder what they mean by significantly increased ?

YA know 0 x 0 still equals zero , :crazy_face:

Anyways , this will be cool if they roll max stats , they better.

Also , just knowing there is a chance outside of the Duriel loop is GREAT NEWS!!!

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“So you’re telling me there is a chance!” ~ dumb and dumber (movie)


Even if your the last Uber in Santuary !!! So you’re saying … LOL

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Where did they state significantly?

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Well, they have a drop weighting of 1, which is the lowest possible number. For reference, Unique items have a weighting between 200,000 and 800,000. Tempest Roar, for example, is 400,000.

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OOOOH, did someone spreadsheet this somewhere? Linky please.

This has been a thing since Season 0.

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Thank you so much man.

" * The drop chance of Uber Unique items acquired outside of Uber Duriel encounters has been increased." (official patch notes) Am I missing the significantly increased part? They never said significantly and they never gave % because it probably got increased from 0.000000000000000001 to 0.000000000000000002 so good luck seeing an uber unique drop from mobs and not duriel

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Anytime! As far as I understand it, we don’t know what the total numbers on drop tables are, so we can’t discern the actual percentages are. The drop rates for regular Unique items do serve as a good reference point, though.

One could say that 10000% increase is a significant increase. It also is still abysmal when the drop rate is in the range of 0.00000000000001%.

It would be nice to see official numbers on this for once.

They don’t tell people the numbers because they know everyone will cry if they did. Not like they don’t already.

There you go. You won’t know the real percentage chance, but you can compare their weighting to that one regular Unique you straight up couldn’t find before target farming got introduced.

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Maxroll had them at 1 in 1000000 chance of dropping outside of Duriel, or if thats too many zeros they have it listed as ‘Nearly Impossible’

the uber unique drop rates would be fine, if we had more items to farm for, examples are runes for runewords, white base items, Set items, Anni charms, Torches, Organs, etc… so my guess is they going to eventually make it very easy to acquire uber uniques then later on add more items to farm, thus breaking it … hope not

Yep , sorry , looks like Maxroll added the " significant " part to their article. Blizzard said just increased drop rate.

It makes no sense that ubers are so rare when you have a seasonal rotation. Surely you want to find yours at least mid season, to have time to enjoy using it.

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Its good for eternal to have something to chase.

Yeah, I know ubers have a drop weight of 1 while other uniques have it at 400000. I’m curious to see what does a “significant increase” means to blizzard and how the drop weight will change in 1.3.2 though

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Ya but what exactly does that mean? A drop weight of 400000?