Thank you Blizzard for making things worse

da f its 95 degrees out

Whatever cheater. Same excuses P2W defenders use.

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They won’t.

They will hope we forget over time.

I won’t.

Pay to win with a bug that i didnt even log in during the time frame of a few hours that it was active… sure first world problems

Right, we should allow cheating in games because iT’s FiRsT wOrLd PrObLeMs
thanks for your contribution, cheater.

Either someone who benefited or an idiot who doesn’t understand how badly it damages the integrity of the game, PVP, etc. There’s a lot of dims on these forums who can’t think beyond themselves.

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I have never cheated but i cant expect someone who gets riled up over trivial bugs to understand but yeah call others cheaters who has never once had any actions on their account but whatevs

It’s not trivial, you’re just too dumb to understand how it isn’t. Meanwhile the game continues to hemorrhage players lol

why do you hate commas so much?

Explain to me why P2W should not be in D4, then explain to me again why keeping these bugged shakos in the game is the right move. I just want to see.

A pve game where some got an advantage ok yeah it sucks that you and i didnt get the drops but its not the end of the world that comes when Putin realises hes in a losing war and hits the red button bit go ahead cry some more lmao

If it were the end of the world, I wouldn’t be here worrying about a video game. But a level playing field is important to a lot of people who bought this game. If Blizzard is uninterested in providing that, they should hear about it. And any boot licker that wants to make it easier for them should hear it too.

Blizzard works like this:
Player: Check out this epic build I am playing it’s amazing and so much fun!
Blizzard: FUN DETECTED HOT FIX NOW! (fixed in 24 hours breaking the class)
Player: here is a list of bug’s and fixes that could help the quality of life of the players and make the game better.
Blizzard: Thanks this will take 3months or 5 years to get into the game have a nice day.

Easy there cowboy. I will interject on this though. I really don’t mind if people have better gear than me.

What does matter though is this:

  • developer integrity

Not saying they should remove the bugged drops. I just want them to allow with a reasonable grind (not 40 years) these items to drop. I enjoy grinding an ARPG. I do not like the idea of grinding for an item that is infinitely more rare than the D2 Zod rune. There is essentially 0 chance of it occurring right now. That is not enticing to continue farming. I don’t even know if the item would greatly benefit my build or not, or how it benefit my overall game experience. Just knowing that it is the “final frontier” for my build and that I won’t get it doesn’t make me want to play for it.

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Then P2W shouldn’t matter to you either. It’s an inconsistency if you think P2W is bad, but this is fine. The reason this is bad is the same reason P2W is bad. I fight P2W tooth and nail for the same reason I’m fighting this nonsense.

Any situation where the game developer allows for an unfair situation for certain players and do not allow that same advantage for the others, it’s a problem. Be it for bug exploitation or paying money.

Nothing pisses me off more than hypocrisy.

If this were just a bunch of free frostburns people got, it wouldn’t be worth the commotion. But we’re talking about the most sought after rare and powerful item in the game – a game based on item hunting. Not only that, but I don’t think there was even one confirmed one in the western world. This means it would have still been ultra rare and a huge feat on the eternal realm 20 years from now. All wiped away in a day, and Blizzard doesn’t do anything about it.

I get everything you are saying. I feel you.

This is a game focused on seasonal content. The truth is, much like D3, the in-between moments of seasons on the Eternal Realm will not really matter in the long run.

I think you and I have no intention of playing the seasons, but I also think that many people will play the seasons.

I understand how the Shako-gate impacts the game. But, if their number of 142 drops is really true and they won’t fix it, then what can we do anyway?

Me personally, I’m playing D3.

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I don’t believe that figure is true either. I think it will come out soon. The buzz is 6900 of them found since this went down via datamining the armory. We’ll see. I’ll be back to D2, myself. Maybe do D3’s first season again since I believe they’re cycling those back around.

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Blizzard the AAA devs that make a game much worse than indie devs. LOL grats on your 666M made from your marketing budget. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Yeah, I quit the eternal realm because of
This. I lost all the motivation to want to min max. Maybe, I’ll try out season 1.

It’s extremely disappointing.

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They have made it very clear that they don’t give a damn about their customers.

Also emphasize that the eternal real now is useless, you have achieved it, now there is only seasons that after a week the game will be empty, good luck with this s h i t .

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