Tempering destroys any joy of finding godly Greater Affix items

I understand and admit that players need certain “failure” moments in order to feel more happy when things go off well and you were lucky with certain drops, events and so on.

BUT you were overdoing it on PTR with tempering and masterworking. You guys need to decide which elements of the game should be heavely luck/grind dependend and which not.

With Greater Affixes you already introduced a system which benefits players for playing long and “well”, clearing all of the difficult content to get rewarded by this excellent item drops (higher Pits should drop more GA gear). I think this should stay as the luck/grind dependent itemization foundation in the game.

In return, crafting systems like Tempering and Masterwork should have way less failure points, in order to allow players to do something with their godly rolled GA items. Otherwise you will keep breaking 80% of your imba loot because tempering gambling just sucks and this will lead into huge frustration in the long term.

So PLEASE make tempering the wanted affixes easier or provide us with further consumables that can reset already tempered gear like masterworking or find other ways to give player more control over this process


I sign that.

Imagine buying a 3/3 GA item for 5 billions and get a stat on it you don’t even use.

You are strong and won’t quit after this first incident.
But let it happen three times.
Even in LE you can’t brick a 4 LP item, if you do not force it to brick. You wait until your exalted is perfect for slamming it.

So for every GA on the item there should be 2 extra durability points or something like that.
It is not to get the desired stat to be highest. It is to just hit the desired stat.


I think it would be interesting to have a hard way to farm more temper attempts on late game.


Resplendent spark lets your re attempt/ reset the temper maybe? Idk I don’t love the whole brick 3 greater affix item concept.


I leveled from 1 to 100 during the PTR to get the feel of it all and I was swimming in mats. I barely felt them be an issue even when I got to endgame. As for the Pit mats… those are pretty easy to get too. And no, I did not play a broken Barb or Druid build lol. I really like the new system. It feels rewarding to me and I think making it any easier will ruin the joy of it all. I also did brick few items and that was usually due to my greed for a better affix.

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True, I dont mind paying like a thousand veiled crystals to restore the 5 tempering durability. But I need some way to do so


1 Uber unique salvage ( spark) for 1 tempering reset. I sign that


I have to strongly disagree on that. I dont know how exactly you play ofc but if you are really into min maxing a character and pushing t200 pits you will need thousands and thousands veiled crystals and tempering attempts to get your perfect items. i think its just too heavy right now

I finished T200 PIT with old Blizzard Ice Spike build, no time to find the more powerful Winterglass. I didn’t bother to use the gear with great affix and never refund the masterworking. I just throw away any gear with bad tempering even it has great affixes. Consider I am playing without the seasonal buff which typically give 40% or more damage in season, I don’t see this is an issue unless the PIT is buffed in S4.

I cant solo T200 Ladder boss with Blizzard, I need the Winterglass. But those solo ladder is just for show only as we just get a useless max one spark for that effort.

The spark drop from Ladder boss look like a troll from Blizzard as the community proposed max 3 sparks to craft Uber Unique. So we get one from ladder boss and then we need to farm and salvage another 3 grandfathers to craft Shako.

I played around 100h during PTR and mainly sorc and tried out all the different builds on sorc, including trying out all the new mechanics of tempering and masterworking to fit the needed build.
My understanding is that in PTR it was wrong. We get 1 spark from killing each tormented uber, which in PTR didn’t happen.
Anyway, after investing all this time in trying the new things, I do believe we should have better tempering/masterworking system. By that I mean that we should have the possibility to have more durability on GA items for tempering or the possibility to reset it with something that we farm. Masterworking should be a bit cheaper.

I read the patch note before PTR, the spark is for first kill per season.

Defeating your first Tormented Echo drops one Resplendent Spark as a first-time reward (account bound).

No way Blizzard will sponsor us a free first Uber Unique as all end game content is around Uber reward.

yeah. true. I went thru both the notes and the campfire chat and its mentioned only on the first kill. Was a misunderstanding on my side

I think the reason why some players want a perfect gear with Great Affix, perfect Tempering and Perfect Masterworking for OCD reason even we can complete all game objectives without the perfect one. As the game will get reset in every 3 months, I don’t see the reason to invest hours in OCDing the gear to its perfection and get sent to Eternal Graveyard eat dust weeks later.

I made a similar point in my own feedback. Especially with Tempering it can just destroy very same “hype moment” they were trying to make a point of on the initial stream.

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I definetly don’t agree with you, in any ARPG loot based the RNG is needed, we can’t fall in the same problem as the past seasons with getting the perfect gear on the start, and never change them, the uncontrollable RNG is present only in the tempering, the GA are a plus, and they add a general layer for perfectionism, and if we break some of those is fine, in a week, ok with the double drop chance, we have seen that the GA are not that uncommon. If your complain is that you can’t get the perfect gear in one week, yes, this is supposed to be normal, we already with the masterwork can redo the process endless times


Can only speak for myself, but i want it to be a journey. And i want to be happy in each steps, not feel like step one or two could be useless in itself.

Step 1 - finding the item (Most RNG should be here)
When i find the item with correct affix(es) i want it to be a happy moment, regardless of where i am in the game. Knowing i got the base i was looking for and know it could be an upgrade if i put time and resorces into it. Finding a item with Godly Greater Affixes should not be a “sigh - lets see how this goes”

Do not take away the happiness of finding a really good base item, when that moment happens

Step 2 - upgrade item (Minor to none RNG should be here)
Now i want to be able to build towards what i want. Insert a aspect for my build, pick the temper(s) i need and want for the build im doing. And maybe change one of the affixes at the occultist.

Minor RNG can be a range in affix values

Step 3 - fine tune the item (This can take time and resources)
Now that i have everything i want, i can fine tune the item. Even if this step takes time and resources im fine with it. As its something to increase what i already have.

The issue is that (Step 2 - upgrade item) have one major flaw right now. And that is Tempering can ruin the happiness of (Step 1 - finding the item) can bring. Instead of adding to it.

The solution could and should be anything that prevent an item to have an ending at (Step 2 - upgrade item). If they want more RNG put it unto (Step 1 - finding the item) not after it.