Suggestion for Stun Grenades interactions (to Devs)

So, i’m playing all around the stun grenades, so i wanna give you some suggestion that may improve the archetype a little.

Of Surprise Aspect - When we evade, all the grenades are dropped behind us. Most of times only 1 grenade hits. Would be better if the grenades are dropped in front of us. The way they dropped from the Artful Initiative is perfect. Right in front of us.

Also, would be way better if the grenades are dropped when we hit with Shadow Step, and not when we cast it. They are being dropped at the initial point and not when we arrived at the target. That doesnt make sense.

Saboteur’s Signet - Here, the grenades are dropped randomly. Sometimes they are dropped too far away and even behind us. Should be better if they could drop closer to the target.

Also, i think the Stun grenades from this ring doesnt scale with the other stun grenades bonus. The damage is way lower.

Opportunist Aspect - Just perfect. Right in front of us and close to the target

Trickster’s Aspect - Just perfect. Right in front of us and close to the target

In gerenal, the radius of the grenades are too small. Also, i might be wrong, but i dont think the damage of the grenades can scale with dexterity, and that could be huge for damage boost.

I’m not a theorycrafter so the paragon/glyph system could be improved but i’m not the best one to give that suggestion.

That’s it. I would love to see some changes to grenades for the next season. Ty!


Make base radius of grenades 100% bigger. It’s kind of ridiculous how small the base size is. All grenade aspects need an increase in base damage too, so many of them do hardly anything, including the Flurry ring. Opportunists are the only good grenades. Exposure grenades don’t seem to scale at all.

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I agree on most of these points. I’ve been really trying to make this build work and looking across the isle as necros and barbs in slapdash gear outperforming me in every way is a feelsbad. At least my druid has company +_+

  • Surprise aspect dropping grenades behind does feel weird and unintuitive for such an aggressive all in style attack.
  • Sab Signet is really bad for this style of build. Their scaling kind of doesn’t even matter since the stealth grenades just deal so much more base damage. Even something like inner calm on a good base is going to outperform. Either remove the lucky hit chance from it (2% is pathetic) and give it a grenade multiplier built in, or buff the lucky hit to something WAY higher.
  • As for the AoE two things should occur:
  1. The base size needs a bump. I’m not sure who looked at that as a problem when so many builds hit half the screen easily and just delete everything in sight.
  2. The tempers for grenade size need to be in the weapons category not the offense category. Utility might work, but I think weapon makes the most sense. 3 of rogues keystones need crit/vuln/crowd damage for scaling and those are in direct competition with grenade size.

Tend to think this ring would work better if it was a 30% chance to apply stealth to just get more opportunist grenades , that’s how bad the grenades are.

They actually changed the Shadow step grenade, thanks blizz!!!

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SrMiagi, It says they fixed it, but it’s still being dropped where you leave and not where you land.

Patch isn’t live yet