Stuck on Queued

Same here, no lines this am and i can’t play still…they haven’t addressed it as a known issue so we won’t be playing this beta, glad i took off for it(have to work for the open beta). Wanted a pupper on my back, now they can keep it. I’ll pet my real dog, grab my ultimate refund and read how diablo is next winter. Goodluck all


literally playing on another xbox account because my main account won’t get past the “queued” screen…so basically its a spinning wheel of death yay can’t even enjoy on my actual account that I preordered on…

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Came here with the same problem I guess we just don’t get to play the early access beta that we essentially paid for.


Addressed the issue how??? Where did they post it? I would like to read it?


Stop telling people how to feel and just post the link where they addressed it since we’re all so blind.

you being that serious…when its literally a pinned post on the forums
but whatever Mr. Lazy, too lazy to even look, so here’s the post anyways:

I dont think this post addresses the current probem.


That says nothing about the infinite ques. Here you are calling people names when you might actually be those names yourself.


Those posts are old and has nothing to do with endless queued… problem for consoles. Before you accuse peope of being lazy, please read the actual psy before suggesting that Blizzard addressed the issue.

I hope you get locked out of your main, that would be poetic justice😆

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The dick telling someone not to be a dick, HA IRONIC!

I was able to play 40 mins then bamm. Not been able to login since. Went to bed with in queued and still in queued when got up. So reloaded game and still goes to queued forever status. As a developer myself and seen them do this before I suggest people that pay for the extra beta should get two runs a pre like now before public beta and a post after public beta. So we do get a fair play time…

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Only 15? Dang. I thought i was doing good at 20 hours.

I can’t even get on the beta now. I played for 2 hours till my game froze and now I get put into an infinite loading queue and can sit on it for hours even though it said the wait time was 1 min. very disappointed right now and don’t know what to do to fix it. if I can’t I will be refunding the game

Started at 8:30pm PDT March 17.

Queued up ans timera run down to 0 then just gets stuck on “Queued”

Game unplayable.

Wife and other Family can play. Just not me. Feaeing i wont be able to hit level 20 for the cosmetics.

Hope a resolution is announced soon.

Tried restarting xbox.
Resetting router.
Signing into a different Xbox.
Jumping in and out of the que.
Left it running on “Queued” for 4 hours.

Nothing has helped.

I was able to get in earlier in the day but not since 8:30pm last night.

On Xbox X, I played for 30 mins right at launch time yesterday. Then got kicked. Stuck in queue ever since. I read that it could be something to do with character corruption after getting kicked. It’s not actually a login/authentication issue. So, after hours of trying different things, finally what worked was to create a new Xbox account and a new account and link them. BOOM! Instant access! Granted my orig lvl 4 barb is dead, but who cares. Reroll!

Good luck to all who were/are stuck in the same endless queue boat!

This is something to do with a character getting corrupted as it should go to character selection and it’s just getting stuck on queued! It happens when the game kicks you back to character selection and you have to relog to play again. Hopefully, Blizzards finds what is causing this as now I’m probably out till next Vrydag, hopefully, it doesn’t lock up the open beta.

I have the same issue where im stuck on QUEUED on XBOX X.

So annoying. I hope they will extend the beta for couple days.

They won’t extend the beta but this is early access beta so next weekend is the normal open beta.

Tried again and was able to login!