Stuck at character creation

Just because WOW servers crashed every time the expansion was out. You have to stress new solutions like queue to verify account → queue to login, and see if this interrupts somehow already playing users.

Same issue over here.

Sat in 70 min queue only too get stuck at end of character creation, sat there for 30 min until gave up and restarted, and now sitting in 65 min queue. Awesome experience so far…

Same exact issue, had to close out the application. Then get to wait in 45 minute que again, only to get a timeout error once I made it to the end of the que. now stuck in another 45 minute que… over an hour and a half in and still have yet to be able to actually play the game.

You know what a multi billion dollar corporation could do instead? Pay $$$ to set up server stress that didn’t punish paying customers before they roll out the product. We’ve been abused by these mega corporations for so long we actually think they’re doing us a favor. We’re handing them mountains of cash and they’re trying to do the least possible in return for it. Stop accepting their lame excuses like a willing lap dog. They could choose to do better, instead they’ve chosen to do this.

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same here, stuck after character creation and no error message nothing moving.

Wife & I can confirm - Same issue.
Glad we waited and didn’t already buy the game.
Looks to us like Blizzard does this on purpose because they don’t have faith in their game itself.
If your game was good, you’d actually want people to be able to log in & play it. Just my opinion.

That’s why it’s called BETA. If don’t want to participate in stress tests, just don’t do it.

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BETA is for testing. Blizzard hasn’t released anything in recent history that’s not had a que time//login issue.

That’s not a BETA issue, buddy. There’s nothing wrong with the game that I’ve tested yet. That’s a budgeting and being stingy issue, kiddo. ROFL

There is an issue with localization, so you’re wrong saying that the game is ok, and it means that your so called testing is worth nothing. “I WANNA PLAY, GIVE ME MY TOY!” You don’t even know that there is an assumption of leaking RAM issue. Everything is budgeting and Devs are evil, you’re the only angel here. Suuuure.
“Kiddo”, pfft.

Same thing happened to me. I just left it for a couple min and it eventually joined.

Same happened to me. After looking for a fix online for a few minutes, I thought I was going to have to restart. I hit escape a couple times hoping I could exit the creator without having to reque but that actually continued it and I’m playing now. Good luck.

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I had the same issue.

Just wait it out. Servers are getting hammered. It will eventually start.

Same issue. After 10min, I got an error message. I tried to log in again and after 2min, I managed to get the game started.

Same issue, I fixed it by updating drivers, but even then most UI elements are missing

Drivers are not likely to impact this issue. UI elements missing feels like game assets are missing, could be need to reinstall / repair.

Same issue. Had to restart

I waited for around 10 minutes and it finally moved on to the cutscene.

The character creation part of the game is probably enduring a lot of traffic. My advice is to be patient. Waiting for 10 to 15 minutes at the character creation screen is much better than waiting for an hour or so in the login queue!

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same thing just happened to me

idk what i expect from a glorified mobile game though

glad i refunded my pre order last week!