Storytelling is phenomenal

I will be the first to hate on blizzard and how they destroyed warcraft, starcraft, but man, you’re really doing a 180 with D4.

The cutscenes, the darkness that’s not forced, the ambiance, that little Tristram nudge and the way you’re presenting it…just wow…if the rest of the game’s story is like this…very impressive.


The cutscenes

The opening cinematic where the subtitles are way out of sync?

I am not impressed.

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i’m not talking about in game cutscenes that aren’t perfect or being fixed, i’m talking about the story itself

i’m not talking about in game cutscenes that aren’t perfect or being fixed, i’m talking about the story itself

I didn’t find the story all that impressive either. I guess I just expect more from AAA titles.


Have you played games with actually good stories? Like have you ever played a CDPR game before? The storytelling here falls short when you compare it to games with actually good storytelling.

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I will say it seems more interesting than their storytelling in Diablo 3 at least, but it doesn’t seem like anything phenomenal. What is there, the cutscenes really help prop it up though.

I’m torn? I was impressed by the improvement up until I got deeper in, and backstory started getting told by one paragraph little infodumps in dungeons. I was thoroughly unimpressed by how little design was put into that, and combined with how the sidequests don’t feel thematic was left underwhelmed. So kind of back and forth.

Honestly the game just feels like it could use another six months in the oven in general really.

Eh. It could be a lot better for a M rated game. It reads like a childrens novel. On top of that the side quests make no sense. Like when you enter that bear camp, why would I demand an audience with their “chiefton” or whatever? It makes no sense at all… Who do I think I am? And also… why? Why do I care about some guy in rags living in a tent?

The sidequests are awful, the main story is tolerable.


I agree 100% Inarius and Lilith are great. love the segment mid beta!

I just hope we have Lore like we did in d3, finding it and piecing things together in a journal

CDPR is a walking story simulator, their gameplay is very dull.

Sure I’m not saying D4 is Mass Effect, but compared to the dogsht that Warcraft has become and some questionable D3 choices before ROS, D4 raises the envelope for prior Diablo games.

@temetnosce Yeah agreed on that, compared to D3’s excellent audio logs all voice by quality VA, the little snipets in dungeons fall short.

@cylant agreed, sidequests are WoW MMO trash quality

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My experience with the storytelling in the game can be summed up with a single encounter.

There’s a father on a bridge, pouring his heart out about his dead son being a ghost. Absolutely phenomenal voice acting and writing.

Then there’s the ghost son … who sounds like they bribed their kid to read these lines for the very first time, in the most monotone boring expression ever. Didn’t even try to add some sort of voice distortion to make him sound like a ghost.

So that’s much of the game so far, it’s really hot and cold when it comes to whether I’m enjoying it or not, and whether the actors / devs seem like they’re enjoying it or not themselves.

It’s like, one moment you’re getting the beginning church scene with the main villain, and the church folks … and while it’s kinda cringy … visually and expressively it’s really put together well.

And then the next you’re just watching the main villain and some girls mother talk to each other like star wars holograms … and all that magic is lost.


This is well put, the quality is just all over the map. It left me having trouble defining my opinion, but it really is a consistency thing, and it’s not just the story either. The game as whole is just… erratic.

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