Stop Listening To Streamers, And Here's Why

sory mate didnt read all your staff but i hope you vented some stream! money is rolling for us the streamers :wink:

“ARPGs cannot be hard because none are hard” is a modal fallacy and absurd reasoning.

On top of that, D4 is actually hard in specific scenarios. Go to WT4 at 45 and do hell tides. THAT’s what I want open world content to be like at max level. Just let us set the world to NM100 scaling with 925 drops.


Yet another thread from casual who play 1 hour per week trying to persuade others he has better knowledge than someone who spent more time in game.

Its already classic :smiley:

I don´t know what streamer you are watching but Wudjo or Rax has both good points. You know why?

  1. Its in their interest game is popular for casuals so they have audience.
  2. They are spending absurd amount of time in game so ofc they understand game.

But hey go to same hockey trainer and explain him how he should do things bcs you play with your son at lake every winter :smiley:

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Its the same issue with WoW dragonflight open world gear scaling/progression. The argument there is open world rewards are high enough to do the open world content with ease.

Here, we’d love it if ubers dropped from any mob or reward chest and ilvls being raised in the open world. Right now we’re just forced to do certain activities in the world to do the bosses we need for uber farms and crafting on gear…

For the love of god we need fiend rose to drop from NMD chests.

But Asmongold is always right. PRAISE THE LORD :star_struck:

At this stage, I set up my Necro with rank 19 auto corpse explosions and a dps Seneschal. I use a dance mat bound to wasd to walk him around hell tides. If he stands in fire or gets bashed by five elites he might even lose 10-20% hp. Usually, the 170 life on kill from Black River are enough to keep him topped.

D4 is the sequel to Diablo 3. D3 had extensive leaderboards, competition and a community focused soley on that. 63M copies of D3 sold. Outside of WoW, D3 kept the lights on for a great many Blizz workers. Some of these streamers are responsible for the growth and long term success of the Diablo franchise.

D4 is different. It lacks pretty much everything D3 has quality of life and community wise so streamers are filling the void. They shouldn’t have to.

In D3 all they did was blast endgame and push. Here there’s no endgame yet. They get bored. D4 is slow paced. They just lvl alts all day which has to be the most boring job in the world.

No amount of streamer influence will change that. The game needs endgame. There, we should listen to them seeing they have boots on the ground 15 hours a day.

Them having say in core single game stuff should be taken with a grain of salt.

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You are not the boss of me, and neither are they. You do you, dude, and let me do me.

Thanks for summarizing. I didn’t watch his video and it’s not because I don’t like his vids but because I got a feeling it’s something we all wanted all along.

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It’s actually from his screen, I just took a screenshot.

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I kind of agree with you OP, in that design directions should come from the internal team.

But taking feedback is never bad. So far the company has shown very little promise or potential to fix the things that are problematic or missing. So maybe they need other people to give them ideas. Who knows?

As far as the game currently it is not hard. It is barely even challenging, outside of one or two things. I play like 2 hours a day and maybe a bit more on weekends. This season was better than last in the challenge dept. But still could be better so people don’t feel like they are wasting time.

If you have actual feedback to give to improve the game, go for it. But if your opinion is just leave it as is, because it is easy for casuals…well it may take you longer but eventually you will realize how much is missing from this game.


I mostly agree with wudijo’s list.

I agree that streamers have extensive and deep knowledge due to the amount of time, effort and thought they invest into these games. Though they shouldn’t speak for the entire playerbase. It only sets up the game for failure. It’s a casual game after all.

Imo, one way they could fix it would be by adding various layers. Have a base so that everyone can actually fight and kill the interesting bosses, with good / build enabling loot. Add uber and uber uber versions to make them incredibly challenging for the people who truly want to test their abilities, builds and game knowledge. Much like how GGG did it. I think this could solve a lot of the issues.

Also increase WT tiers, or add a mode for those who want overworld to actually be hard. Where it doesn’t scale down with the lower level players and is a set tier where 925 ilvl actually meet resistence.

There’s plenty of ways to solve the issues many are talking about. Time will tell if it will happen!

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There are many players who think group farming is too strong and want to nerf it. While there are many players who like group farming.

I like wudi’s SSF tag idea. I prefer group farming and I don’t want the SSF crowd to get group farming nerfed. So a SSF tag seems like a good idea to me. I’d like to hear why you think SSF isn’t a good idea.

At this point, it is a filter for most until POE2.

I know I know, just give them time. If will be better if you buy the expansion. They are a small indie company after all.

Feel better now after that rage dump?

With this kind of players like you what shares this kind of statements that this game is “good, fun, enjoyable etc.”, this game will never be good…
The true is that D4 is in very bad condition, almost with every aspect in this game something is wrong. Only honest criticism can fix it, not opinions of “blind” players like you…

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They have endgame. It’s called “Hardcore”

Not everything ARPG related needs a definite endgame where people are forced to participate because they simply have to in order to progress their builds or paragon like in D3 with GR 120 boosts with XP shrines.

How about make all the content we have fun? Expand it? Helltides with new mechanics or specialized dungeons that reward cinders. Whisper expansions with new shops or reputation to grind and maybe quests to find.

Course I say all this and in your mind you’re already finished with this content and begging for more with no end in sight to your greed.

You’ll make D4 implode on itself if you beg for content when content is actively getting released anyway with the expansion coming. People finish it in 24 hours and say the game is bad… Repeat cycle.

On to the streamer portion… P4wnyhof himself even said dont listen to content creators when it comes to developing new content. He specifically asked for regular players to play test new content(PTR) and give feedback.

Anything Wudi likes is a bad idea…

The reason this game is getting worse is because they are NOT listening to streamers. They are instead listening to EZ mode D3 Gamers.