Some Hombrew rules for those that find the game too easy

I started my second character this season. Rolled a Rogue and playing the campaign in seasonal, becuase its time to replay the core story again for me.

Anyway, with all the AP points and carry over i find it way way way too easy and braindead.

So I tried a NO AP run, it got distrubed when i got gear with Shadow step, sadly equiping it and using it took away my basic skill sword attack.Granted at this point about level 18-19 monsters where tanky and i though well whats the next best nerf. Feel free to experiment here. But now 20plus until it becomes a problem the rules are

Basic Skills and passives only, all other skills must be from ranks on gear.And as a extra nerf to myself, ranks may only be put into basic skills and not nodes.
Feel free to add one core skill if you feel 2 basic skills is too challenging (but this is only skill you can add ranks with AP and no nodes.

Ofc you can alter as you see fit at anytime, haha.

I may extend this to gear slotted skills as a next step if i hit a wall before paragon.
Elixirs are allowed and so is teleporting to visit healer.

Anyway i find a nice balance of challenge more tanky monsters and fun, my gear has giving me shadow step and imbue skills so its colorful to play yet basic, which was the point to add skill to using dodge and build more skillfully. Just fought the boss in the story line parting embers and found it a challenge on my toes fight with a nice balance of i might die and i might live moments. Kind of how i wish the core game was balanced but hey seeing a player 32 get CCed and die when i was level 7 today and survived showed me that they are considering all skill levels and i can see that side of it also.

So make your own or follow my guide for self imposed nerfs and rules and see how far you get, this does make me appreciate the game and the loot much more as a blue amulet with plus one ranks to imbue skills matters now. Not sure if this was intended in the design of play it your way, but regardless for challenge seeks and diablo 1 fans, you might find enjoyment like i am playing D4 this way. Let me know if you do and this helped you i would appreciate it and or like.
Just wanted to share a way i am getting more fun and enjoyment out of D4. See you in Hell :smiley:

Edit- Now Level 33 i had to make a edit to my rules, so the new rule is no aspects also and see how that goes, without it game got too easy again in t2 and i felt way OP for a level 33. Might allow found Legendries if it gets too hard. Very interesting playing this way, it’s fun but does highlight those post launch nerfs and buffs may be too strong imo, and probably why some builds are overshooting bosses.

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So in other words, the game is so bad that you feel the need to do mental gymnastics to get through it.


My tip is to literally just add some vicious games into your play library.

I’m not saying stop playing D4 at all, because if you do it right this enhances D4 ^^;

I go play something spicy for a bit, finish super stressed then open D4 and play that for relaxation. It’s 2d gaming with brain dead horde style gameplay and minimal real time strategy, not a deep game. It’s fun to mash mash stuff, pick up shinies and work on something.

I’d actually like higher difficulty play modes but unless the game changes drastically in a lot of ways I wouldn’t necessarily like it to, that just means more “oop, gotta dodge” than it does a ton of evolution in depth, which isn’t Diablo’s forte when it comes to the combat.


They should probably give you the carry over points after 50, and a little every few levels.

The objective was to not have to do the shrines again, not to give you the points up front and break the game’s leveling.


I blindfolded myself and glewed broken glass on my keyboard and mouse.
Everytime I use a health potion I stab myself.

Game is intense now


No Not at all. This is why i used the example of the level 32 player i encountered.I can’t expect the game to be balanced for my level of skill. So i thought outside the box and said well what if i play how i want will T2 be more fun for me, and answer was yes.

This is why i was sharing it, so others have something to try that are on a second character and dont want to repeat the same 1-100 grind. For a typical seasonal run idc 1-50 i mostly easy, the point is to get to endgame and unlock the new powers so it’s not horrible the way it is now.

The thing i miss though is that slower enjoyment i get watching monsters defend and protect the shamans and stuff like that, it changes the feel, and i love it this way i would play 100 this way, but too many wanted the mob density one shot feel. I prefer slower and more tactical over it, so this is a way to enjoy the game my way.

Hence my other post asking for more Qol pass on this way to play, such as not having AP flashing constantly, which was the main reason i changed my rules to allow passive only, that and it was getting hard.

Braindead is just my frustration, it’s just too easy most of the time. it takes until almost 30 is to kind of catch up and early T3 solo is never a problem. So why not make it more challenging.

I think its viable and fun way to play and plenty of room for customization, being somewhat forced into a build based on gear skills and rolls later on is a nice challenge too, i don’t have the freedom to pick my best working build and makes gear early on more interesting to interact with.

Also loved that i needed to run and find a town to heal at times since i actually ran out of potions. Playing normal now this never happens.

I personally wish the whole game was forced this way as to me its more diablo, and only at 100 plus when you have uniques and levelled glyphs does it become somewhat OP for certain events. While still offering challenge for high tier n/m and uber bosses.

But i can’t control that the common player apparently doesn’t and blizzard chose to rebalance, who knows maybe this is only for damage control and since resists and such are broken, but for now this is the solution.

They definitely broke all of the game’s balance with all the rushed out post launch changes. Between shrines and renown rewards being dumped on every lvl1 character, and everything being total faceroll in wt4, it’s all depressingly easy and boring. Yeah you can artificially make things harder for yourself by restricting but that takes away from the game and that doesn’t excuse the currently atrocious game balance (and there are still frequent requests for even more character buffs… lol).

Hoping for season 4 or at least expansion rebalance to restore some sanity back into the game. They also need to give us an option to reset all of the shrine/renown rewards (or at least delay them post level50, like you suggested).

Yeah something like this would help for sure, Paragon points are held until then so why not bonus AP.

To be fair though one thing i like is the freedom of the design, to play it outside of the box, i was always homebrewing games and creating my own fun growing up but i think D4 has the more tools to actually make different playstyles viable.

We all know meta endgame farming is popular way to play, that is fine, but it’s not the only way.

My Alt this season with 2months still on the clock has plenty of time so i am playing campaign again on this seasonal run to 100 with my homebrew restrictions gives me a refreshing way to play. As i am playing though there are times when i may have less time to play and playing this way might not be desired, and skipping and target levelling and new seasonal content will be priority. At which early levelling doesn’t matter so much.

Tough to say, what the answers are i enjoy you suggetion as i think those points are not needed at that level regardless.

There is something cool i think if they can polish it to a point where we can have both playstyles be at the players choice.

Level 30 now and i am starting to power creep the campaign so probably still more that can be done to balance that perhaps. Be interesting to see how t3 feels when i get there.

The game gets a lot harder if you decide to some real gymatics at the same time before each skill cast. Pole Vault first before casting puncture.

This is also about the difficulty cure exploration at the differnet stages in the game and how to have more challenge and for me fun early on, i think the game is challeging, my 100 barb this season has much to conquer and challenge with n/m sigils and lilith.
My mistakes level rate for glyphs could be better i think, so i am sub optimal for sure probably even for my skill choices, so that is fine imo.

Early game is where is can atleast get the gameplay i enjoy more slow and tactical and survivalness about it. Endgame is fun too, but also chaotic, faster and if things are not dying fast you die, so that loop is less fun to me.I dont actually understand why people prefer it, blasting mobs is fun for about 30 mins to a hour a day for me, after that i am on auto pilot and less engaged and entertained by the game, so. yeah idk i would be stoked if one day they can give that slower tactical gameplay a mode or something in the future for us darksouls in arpg mechanic lovers. Dark and slow like D1 needing to take out monster supports and such, but not by one shooting the room lol, If they could do that with endgame level content that would be cool imo