So tired of the crappy servers

Tired of the wasted time and mats when it comes to lvling glyphs or boss’s. The servers are so freakin bad I continually get dc’d, conviently, when I reach the end. Never seen a game so horrid at just being stable. Atleast refund the mats or something…or better yet fix your Crappy servers. No freakin way I would pay $100 for an expansion to keep playing on this crap!!!


I have not had any issues post beta.

The base price for the expansion in the survey was $49.99.


the reported price blizzard was lookin at was $100. I believe they would try after they scammed everyone about $80 for the sad game we play now.


no the reported price wasnt $100


lol, they are charging $65 for fing mounts

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Fatboy= Burger King 30$ :white_check_mark:
A video game cost money??? :no_entry_sign:

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May want to check your video card drivers mate had issues like that myself but it turned out my drivers needed an update I too thought it was the servers


No it was not I was sent the survey the price was $49.99 for the base expansion other prices included addons so depending on which package you wanted that would determine the price. One option was the base expansion for $49.99. Assuming the survey prices even make it. Streamers picked up on the $100 price and that is all they talked about because they wanted view.


Sounds like you need a new pc or ISP. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements of the game.

Its ran exceptionally smooth since the middle of S1.


The only thing I did was cleaned the fans and increased the RAM from 8 to 32 GBs, the game runs great.

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Sadly I had the exact opposite result. I had zero problems with reliability during the various beta weekends and even the few extra days of “early release” leading up to 6/6. But on that day it all went to hell (and not the fun demon slaying kind) with endless disconnects and crashes. Since then I try to play again hoping each update will improve the quality but it never does. It actually got way worse with S3’s release.

I know my IP and connection to Blizzard are solid since I can play HC toons on all three regions (NA, EU, Asia) without disconnects in D3. But 30 minutes without a disconnect on D4 is like winning the lottery.

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try opening the command prompt and do a ping -t and see if you see any timeouts there, if you do, then it’s not D4 probably.

its your internet. I haven’t DC’d from D4 since Launch

I never experienced DC’s or stalling until 2 patches ago. This most recent patch it’s gotten especially worse.

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Context. I take a survey from people asking if they want a cheeseburger for 5 bucks or 50 bucks, you guys go to the internet and start howling about how the cheeseburger now costs 50 bucks.

What video card do you have?

No one is having these problems except you. Upgrade your crappy PC

The servers shouldn’t be an issue because everyone has moved on and its just a barren wasteland. Then again maybe the servers are having issues because it IS blizzard after all. A 74 billion dollar company and they can’t even make a decent game. I imagine the campfire on Thursday will be “We apologize we weren’t able to get the gauntlet and leaderboards out at the start of season 3. Let’s talk about itemization. We haven’t started working on it so it won’t be during season 4 but keep an eye out near the end of season 5 for changes.” I mean personally i want the game to be better. I’m cautiously optimistic but there’s really no reason for anyone to get their hopes up for this anymore. Sure it’s pretty and plays really good but what else does it do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

If it’s a server issue why hasn’t the forums lit up from everyone complaining about disconnection issues and instead it’s just you


No offense but I have not had a “server” issue since season 1. Might want to do some tracert.