So let me get this straight

In season, the currency is linked with each seasonal character I create… cool. But the pet isn’t shared… So… if I want to do 2 characters, I need to literally use 2.times the resources which isn’t a short time… wow.

This doesn’t make any sense at all. If currency to advance a mechanic is shared (which is something you should never change, ever) then the mechanic should also be shared. Maybe play path of exile. The Map system, delve, season mechanics are all shared for all seasonal characters… Cuz that’s smart programming. D4 is made by people who have never ever played an action RPG… so many weird choices.


I think because they don’t want your seasonal pet leveling you new characters and easier challenges.


They want you to make 1 character per season and never switch, so they can claim they have 5 seasons worth of content.

Really, though, the classes are all the same and build the same way:
Get a source of unstoppable
Get a source of vulnerable
Get a source of fortify
Get a pull or other grouping mechanic
Max out your best one shot skill (usually a core skill like HoTA, Bone Spear, etc.)

The classes are really just different skins on the same character.


Could be, but I believe they should rethink that. D3 allowed twinking, and I played lots of different classes each season. I’d like to do that here but the leveling grind gets old. Letting the pet be account wide would help out a lot.

Which of you boil it down is basically every mmo.

Last Epoch sorta has the rune class breaking the mode but yeah otherwise.

Basically that’s an arpg. I mean you can build a like tanks out of the box d4 build but I mean why bother when you can just one shot mobs instead.

Thanks for the input. They have no idea what they are doing. Fire them all :frowning:

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I’m pretty sure they made it bannable to post things anti-blizzard. Be careful.

Perhaps if they spent more time doing their jobs during the dev cycle and less time being angry about politics, the game wouldn’t be a disaster.

Dude i legit got reported in game by a group of toxic people and got a chat mute on my account. If you have an opinion on anything about this game or type somthing you feel like should change in chat it takes about 3 people to report you for their bot report system to flag your account this is not a joke either. I put in a ticket and blizz GM said i broke terms of use when the fact is i was ambushed by 3 people being completely toxic towards me. I have over 1k hours and this pretty much sealed the deal for me… i disabled trade chat and dont plan on typing anything anymore