Snapshotting vs. Broken builds

The Dev’s have made it abundantly clear. If it doesn’t affect you then don’t play it. Diablo has always been a game with broken builds.

I’m astonished at the small amount of people (pretty sure they’re mostly in the same clique) losing sleep and upset about the Barb dust devils (which I personally love) being “broken” when there are numerous other classes with “broken” builds. To top it off, snapshotting??? No change here and nobody seems to talk about it.

The dev’s said clearly, if it doesn’t affect you then why are you concerned with it.

Why are so many people concerned with broken builds (a staple to the Diablo franchise) and forgotten that snapshotting entire paragon boards/skilltrees/gear/stats exists and will break ANY build in PVP and PVE (They had to lock you gear/stats/para/skills in the Gauntlet to prevent it from happening.

Did snapshotting get fixed in PTR? I wouldn’t know because I don’t use it.

I’ll take an overpowered build any day of the week (I enjoy OP builds) over the ability of players to snapshot. Personally I don’t want to lose OP build because they’re FUN as hell! Those barb dust devils were awesome! I had way too much fun playing that barb and don’t know anyone personally that has a vendetta against it other than the outliers in a certain clique who think shredding through monsters like paper (which has always been a staple to the franchise) is a bad thing. Has nobody talked about how the Gauntlet @ t70 will be a literal walk in the park? That’s going to be worse than cutting through paper lol. Nobody’s talking about that and that’s a ranked leaderboard!

DO NOT nerf Dust Devils and Do Not nerf the Sorc’s ability to upkeep the flameshield. Let some of these exclusive softcore player attempt the game mode on Hardcore and see how they fair (especially after we lost DE pots/Flameshield Death passive and SoE is bugged and hardly ever even casts). It shouldn’t be tailored to the likes of one specific “clique” who only plays soymode.

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Wanted to genuinely respond to this with reasons, but nah. They’re broken and need to be nerfed. Screen Clutter is an issue and perma-invuln is in no way healthy for the game.

Leave your ego at the door if you want to discuss balance, especially when it affects you as a hardcore player just as much if not more due to permadeath.

You’re not above anyone else, stop pretending.


When the entire screen is blacked out with dust devils’ and the game starts lagging it does affect me - if they could sort that part it would be great.


Now you know how players felt with Blood Lance being busted and lagging the entire shard.


play a different build.

  1. they didn’t say that

  2. dust devil does affect people as it make the whole thing lag and make it impossible to see anything.

Hota was fine , it was overpowered sure and needed nerf, but it wasn’t a nuisance.
Dust devil IS a nuisance.

No build should cover a whole screen (and dust devil can cover multiple)
and no build should make other people unable to see things
and no build should make people lags
This build does the three at the same time.
it’s nothing short of a nuisance at this point and it’s impossible that it won’t get capped in term of maximum amount of tornado

it make D4 look like a game in alpha.


Yes they 100% did. I think I might be more up to date with Diablo news than you my friend. they also said if you’re bored of D4 go play a different game.

you sound pretty childish sir…i guess no need to feed the troll more

Resorts to name calling when faced with opposing viewpoints.

Good thing is that it has already been flagged by Blizz as ‘unintended’ and common sense is going to prevail. Keeping flogging the dead horse and die on the mountain if you want.

You have totally missed the issue though. Other players in the open world can black out the sun with the number of DD’s that spawn which impacts everyone in that instance (visibility and performance). Helltides are be a good example.

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Should probably stay away from soy. Carnivore is the way to go.

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please elaborate my friend.

People have been explaining the issue to you but it seems you are just trolling at this point. The main issue isn’t the pure OP damage, its the screen blocking and performance impact on the game that impacts anyone in the same instance with someone playing the build. Good news, the problem is getting getting looked at so no need to entertain you any further. Good day.

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The thing is Dust devils wasn’t the most broken thing on the PTR, it was Necro Minions that did 20B - 60B damage, besides the druid bug with Hurricane / boulder

haha you are not wrong there my friend.

is the problem getting getting looked at?

you guys should stop reading this guy’s post. This is the 3rd post from him that i read today and he is making absolutely no sense in any of them.
@Cloud420 …your feedback brings nothing good to the game… I will take my own advise and not look on any of your posts going forward cause its simply lost time.