Skill tree forcing builds

As a person who loves summoning in diablo 2, and would focus solely on summoning, I find it odd that the skill trees this time around somewhat force you to dump points into skills in an order…

If they wanted to go with a skill point tree that unlocks choices as you go, why not go with a web design so you can branch into directions as you see fit, that offer choices on a playstyle you prefer? You cannot unlock a single summon until level 10 as a druid and you’re forced to either do shapeshift or elemental to start, and you cannot dump your points into summons as a necromancer, you are forced to do blood/bone spells…

How have we taken steps backwards in choice from over 20+ years ago? Very disappointing as I can’t seem to play how I want to play so far in the beta. I hope I end up being wrong but I’m a player with a niche interest in playstyle and this game doesn’t really allow me to play how I want, compared to diablo 2.


Look up what Decompose does among the starter choices, supports minions. Methinks you didnt look at them.

I like that core minion ability isnt something you are forced to waste points in, but getting it automatically.


I also enjoyed summoning as a druid a LOT in Diablo 2, and I had a Witch Doctor build in Diablo 3 that could get over 30 minions at a time. Haven’t gotten to druid yet, but I do hope there’s decent options in that area once the full game comes out.

decompose > blight > Skirmishers buff > CE.
You’re now set to level and buff minion skills.

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I don’t think you understand what I’m saying.

In diablo 2, you can JUST put points into summon and have 0 spells to cast. Some may find that boring or weird, but it’s a choice you have.

Decompose is a spell, which I don’t want. I want to dump all my skill points into buffing summons and I cannot do that. You listing one passive ability on a spell that helps minions, is completely missing the point. After you take decompose, then what part of the core skill tree helps minions? Let me guess, you’re going to say the blight passive or the Sever passive? I don’t want to take or cast either of those spells, but the game is forcing me to do it to buff minions? The minion masteries only offer 3 points each to buff minions, so you are forced to take spells.

Maybe you never played D2 so you don’t understand?


It’s the common thread in most of these complaint posts.

I played D2 long ago, and clearly you cannot cope with change.


its like saying you didnt take Amp dmg in d2 because you didnt want to cast spells
You start with 4 Skeles. You dont need to buff them straight off, you support them.

“You can’t cope with change” is a copout counter point that isn’t addressing the actual argument that there is simply less choice to express yourself in a build you want to play. The skill tree system so far forces you into build paths lol, how can you even argue otherwise?


I’m off to play d2, with Revives only.
Wont need to spend any other points in summoning right. Because its not like forced build paths have always been a thing

i dont want to use mages, why is this pos d2 game FORCING me to spend points in mages!!


Why are you ignoring the main argument that I can play summons only in D2 and I cannot in this game? You’re basically saying “look at this 1 thing I can’t do in D2”, what is your point? Let me make a similar irrelevant counter point that is also a strawman argument. “Man, you can’t play D2 naked and beat Diablo! The game is not offering me the choice to play naked!! Such a bad game hahaha!”

Still isn’t addressing the point that I cannot play a full summon build in d4 but I can in D2… shame.


You can build a pure summon build in d4 just like in d2.
They both force you to put points in skills you might not want or use. Just dont add those skills to your action bar.

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The fact is the skill tree is terrible. It’s so superficial that I can’t believe blizzard is okay releasing the game using these base skill tree for classes.

All you’re doing is selecting what skill you use. Majority of the choices are very bad and not even an option when you look at the tree. Even if all the choices were balanced well against one another you still would be left with the fact that there is hardly any options to choose from.


Lol please tell me the exact skill points to put into my character, in order, to have a “summon build”… please… tell me lmao

So you have to play for like an hour before you can start your companion build? Oh the horror.

Edit: unrelated to the skill tree but sadly the druid summon skills are not very good either :frowning: hopefully they will get some tuning by launch.

There is no “build” that is building towards specifically summons, only sparse passives supporting it here and there. You are FORCED to take other spells. Have you played the necro and seen the skill choices? It doesn’t sound like you have.

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The part I quoted and responded to was specifically about druids…

I think there are a lot of build potential, sure many will be not great but some will be exceptionally good. As level 25 is max we’re just not seeing the full picture the same applies to the legendary drop rate(which will not be like that in retail). While you level from 1-25 in retail you’ll probably be lucky just to get a single legendary.

As for a pure summon build I haven’t looked into it but it would be quite hard at 25 with too few points. Later on for sure you could do it if you wanted.

Like the poster above pointed out - just don’t put the skill on the bar if you don’t plan on using it.

Insert the word druid and it’s the same argument. There is no “summon build”.

Its not, because druid has specific companion skills in its skill tree that without, you have no summoning skills at all. Unlike necro who gets them baseline.