Show what mounts and cosmetics are missing

Is it possible to have all mounts and items visible when you pull them up, just locked so we know what we are missing? mounts, armor, costumes cosmetics. I can’t find a comprehensive list that updates with the store, and I don’t know what I’m missing or where to farm for them. Like the calico mount

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I had to do some research. A few people made some mount videos and such. There is also some incomplete lists. You can also check youtube for the shop ones. I bought everything in shop and have my own list of what im missing. Maybe i should make a list for the community.

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That would be great, none of them seem to have every single one. Some are missing the new things.

Wowhead seems to do a good job of mentioning any new items at least.

Its probably the dumbest thing ive ever seen a store do… the lame attempt at fomo doesn’t even work because there are so few items that they all come back in rotation… and the store is so boring once you’ve seen anything its tiring to check every day.

And the prices are so high you only buy the premium best stuff, and only one of each thing.

Worst store ever.


way too expensive for sure