Shako's Are Dropping Like Crazy! Helltide Incoming Soon!

how it should be, injected excitement back into the game

doubt it


I tried to get you all a Shako drop man, I tried…

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Yea I quit my barb but I logged in for Helltide with a Shako I’d still be the weakest Class in the game but it would help.

So what the hell are they going to do with all the people who benefited from what they’re now calling a bug? Wipe their windfall gains or leave them and piss off everyone else to no end?

The damn uniques should have never been this rare to begin with as they’re literally the only meaningful upgrade anyone can get in the endgame. It’s garbage design apparently meant only to incense. Well if that was the goal they succeeded! When most people find out about this tomorrow there is going to be a mass uproar and rightly so. They deserve all the :poop: that’s coming their way!


It’s been fixed


Ya’all were getting Uber Uniques? I still cannot get a Tempest Roar for my Druid lol. Farm Hell Tides they said OH that’s right, there were no uniques there. Farm Tree of Whispers? Nah, those chests are garbage too.

Ye doesn’t take long to hotfix fun out of the game for them. But takes a good year for QoL things XD


can instantly kill density but cant buff it back up until later

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Nothing’s been fixed! They just shut off the only reason to play the game at higher levels. And even if they fix it nothing has been resolved until they remove the ill-gotten uniques or give everyone the opportunity to obtain them in the same way. It’s a fundamental question of fair play.


The age old motto, “Exploit early, exploit often” has never been defeated…


Well this actually should drop now for ya in Helltide chest

I’m not even mad because I only got a 68 after deleting my 98. I couldn’t exploit it myself anyways. Not everyone is that petty anyways if they could.

I care about them caring about the people having a bit of fun and disabling that fun, they were to rare to begin with. Didn’t even drop from a place they should have. And we got bigger issues then this to worry about considering 2 weeks this server will be virtually dead.

I was to busy getting exp gainz on OSRS to even notice the post tbh.

I had to check the date of this post to check if this is a beta thread, or maybe some parallel universe. I’ll probably be rolling one in Season 1, what can I say, after the power trip that was the Sorc, I guess I want a challenge like HotA Barb. Gotta mentally prepare myself for the difficulty spike first.

No, this isn’t an episode of Black Mirror, but I wish it was…It really just happened.

if you joined a party in wt4 apparently you could get it, there was a lvl 78 one for a necro (grandfather)

Well like I said, not everyone is that petty even if they could have. I would of known that to be a bug just because I’m not level 85. So to me that’s a very hard delete.

I don’t think desiring a level playing field is petty. Perhaps you personally think of the game as single player and that’s fine. But even playing fields are important to a lot of people, and it’s normal.

Who cares about leveling the playing field when there wont even be a field to play on with the things they seem to care about fixing first.

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I won’t touch Barb in Season 1 unless they get extreme buffs to compete with other Classes. I leveled the wrong Class and wasted a couple 100 hours on Barb. Once I got too 100 I realized how terrible Barb is and stuck you are compared to other Classes that do 3-5 times your damage while being infinitely tankier with way more fun builds.

If I play Season 1 I’ll play an Immortal Druid and just speed farm T100. They are introducing new items but if they don’t actually fix the bad classes the OP broken classes like Druid, Rogue, Necro will only get stronger.

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