Shako Dropping like mad now helltide

Just saw Rob video on this…any of you fellow Barbs lucky to snatch one just now?

Pity i am at work now…else would have farm it asap :sob:

Got three mystery chests last helltide. No shako. Chance is still quite low.

Rob video was 51 minute ago…it is current…check the video…wish i could play now, target helm chest in helltide

Your mistake was taking the mystery chest and not the helm chests.


I did 4 mystery chests and not a single unique. Also got gloves, amulet, and ring. Nada.

People saying Barb and sorc has higher chance from Helm chest because both do not have class specific unique helm. I mean not highly guarantee but 20+ in last hour is still crazy rate

Welp, I should’ve just gone for mystery chests, at least I would have gotten something. These helm chests are dropping a single blue/yellow helm for me lmao.

Already fixed.

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So uhhh, are they gonna give Barbs/Sorcs any unique helms now or… we just get one less helltide chest to target for uniques? Already know the answer, still think it’s funny they couldn’t let the classes that are lagging behind get something of value from the time spent, oh well.

No theyll just fk over barbs like they always do.

“Hotfix: shako now weighted to drop 1/3 less often on sorcs and barbs. Ty bye!”

they should give barbs shakos to make up for their crappy endgame class balance

probably need +20 to all skills to be on similar level of other classes actually


Damn my Barb was level 84 so I couldn’t even try it this was the lil buff Barb needed too lol even with shako we would kill Uber Lilith in 8 mins instead of 10 lol

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Next helltide in around 20min…good luck fellow barbs and god speed😉

They disabled rare unique drops for helltide

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I see…sad to hear that…

I would be super happy to get one until I realized I have to drop Disobedience, Might, or Iron Warrior. Iron Warrior basically makes Iron Skin viable (and really should be the damn Upgrade to the skill itself). Disobedience is regarded as mandatory for Barbarian and run on Amulets a lot. Guess it would be Might whicj basically makes the Shako DR a wash…

Nobody ever learns to shut up.


Same, mine is only 83, I was hoping they wouldn’t hotfix it until Monday lol.

Yeah, when your lively hood comes from playing video games and trying to get as many people as you can to watch you play or talk about them, they’ll say anything and everything to get those views.

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