Server lag is horrendous

Been playing D4 and the server lag is legitimetly making me wanna quit the game. Been checking my wifi everytime, and it is definitely Blizzards servers. Ive heard player count are way down and can see why people abandon this game. So far I have been enjoying it but the lag is unacceptable for a Triple A company in 2024. All because your greed made offline play not allowed. I will never buy another Blizzard product. A shame as I have been a supporter since Diablo 1

If, like me, you mostly play solo turn off both of the crossplay options and give that a try. Sometimes I can’t even login if crossplay is enabled and turning it off seems to fix most of my lag.

That’s how the internet works: wifi direct to Blizzard servers :man_facepalming:

Try Ethernet connection (if you can), see if that helps.

The game has more load times than Diablo 3, if I remember correctly? The loading screen for switching areas alone is super annoying and should not exist in the first place.

Also logging into the game after booting up takes too long.

On a side note, as a PS5 player, when I first started the game I was seriously shocked that Diablo 4 requires a permanent internet connection. I bought this primarily for the single player portion of the game. My internet at this time was very poor and the game, while playing single player, was unplayable. Constant rubberbanding and crashes. This instantly soured my very first impression with the game (and it hasn’t gotten better since then).