Rogue build with what looks like four huge purple punctures

What build is this that i’m seeing rogues do out there? Can anyone point in the direction of what I need to look into? Thanks!

I think you’re seeing a Shadow Imbued Barrage. There’s a good Barrage build guide on maxroll.

Note though, you’ll get farther in the Pit with a Heartseeker build. But Barrage is pretty good. Was able to take mine to Pit 70+.

But yeah, I think it’s the Barrage animation that you’re seeing in that it sort of kind of looks like puncture if you squint your eyes. lol

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So the barrage is shooting out 4 at a time spread out like a shot gun?

That’s why it looked like a huge puncture to me but it was 4 instead of 3.

Actually with Combo Points you can get up to eight shots but yes it does do a shotgun like thing. It’s just that the animation doesn’t put the Imbuement glow on every shot (but yes all shots are imbued). So, it’ll look a little like puncture if four of the shots get the imbuement glow.

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