Rod Fergusson is incredibly out of touch

I don’t understand how someone could become the producer of the single biggest ARPG franchise and have such a poor understanding of the genre.

The knowledge you gain from just doing the boss fights is invaluable information on a HC race, you get to practice the mechanics for hours. How could a producer be this oblivious?

EDIT: Regardless of what happens with this event. This should be worrying for anyone looking forward to playing this game for years to come. If the producer doesn’t understand the product he’s building the project is doomed to fail.


I mean, i agree it’s an out of touch comment.

But it also doesn’t matter, the avg joe never had a chance to begin with anyway.


More cry spam about something those crying about it would have never had a snowballs chance in hell at getting anyway…


Knowledge doesn’t translate to skill. Even knowing what a boss does you still have to react to it.


If only they would purge the servers from these people who don’t own the game…


But I’m not an avg Joe. I took time off work to play the launch. I practiced Act 1 on 7 characters during both betas. I have 3 more people just as dedicated as me ready to group level.

Hearing that there are people who got to practice not just act 1 but the entire game for over 2 weeks is incredibly disheartening. The information those people will disseminate within their own communities will easily destroy any semblance of a race. Simply knowing what kind of resistance to build before going into a boss fight is invaluable.


since he made D4 hes probably the best dev on the market cuz this game is dope


You do know reviewers get copies all the time right? Launch reviews are important to sales.

there’s a 1000 slots, there was likely no more than 100 reviewers

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You should probably cry about those of us who got to play in the end game closed beta too, most of us know all the world boss mechanics, which dungeons are fastest, all end dungeon bosses… oh and we got more time than the streamers you are whining about.


It’s not just reviewers, it’s streamers, streamers that will participate in the race, streamers that have their own communities and friends whom they can help win this race by disseminating information. If every streamer streamer helps out an insignificant amount of people like 5 that’s already more than half the pool of people playing with an incredibly big advantage.

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I think they’re just annoyed with this circus and that’s them just putting a lid on it to focus on more important things.

Those streamers have thousands and thousands of hours in HC usually already in other arpgs, they ALREADY have an advantage over you

they and their friends were already going to be in the top 1000

They do, these are also the people who make guides and walkthrough videos. They help everyone.


I really don’t understand why people think people like Raxx or Wodj wouldn’t already be up there anyway if they wanted

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You should probably cry about those of us who got to play in the end game closed beta too, most of us know all the world boss mechanics, which dungeons are fastest, all end dungeon bosses… oh and we got more time than the streamers you are whining about.

Oh I’m not worried about that at all. 99% of the playerbase is incapable of competing in this, especially the kind that have time to run up 600+ posts on a forum.
But Diablo and POE streamers that have small communities of speedrunners that regularly break ARPG games those people with that kind of information are scary.

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Maybe this speaks more to your inexperience than his?

Think of everything you are missing, the reviews played an abridged version of the game, werent given time to mid max things, levels were capped. In addition only around 100 review copies were given out, so , you are worried about 100 people who might play HC that might get ahead.

I dont know rod ferguson from you have two posts at this time on this forum since 50% of them seem to be irrational I think you might be wrong.


Did you play Hardcore on those beta’s. I played Hardcore on both of those beta’s. Lost maybe at most 6 rogues but one managed to get to level 25.


This happens with any game. It is a part of the marketing machine. Reviewers always have had dibs on every game before the public got to play it. It is the same deal even with the streamers for social media reasons and audiences.

This happens with any game.

It doesn’t for POE. Anything involving a prize that is race related only the in-house team gets to test out before release and they don’t get to compete.


Path of Exile was AA that is not a AAA styled game. A triple A studio operates differently from one that is double A.

Ah the troll shows itself early this time.

You dont think some people in the closed beta formed clans, and those entire clans arent still together waiting for release? You dont think that anyone in the closed beta was good enough, or smart enough to intentionally find bugs, exploits, or fast methods to reach end game quickly, that I promise you arent fixed yet? “They arent a streamer so they dont know or couldnt do it…” lol… how dumb.

Yeah dude, zero speedrunners were in the closed beta. We all know if you arent famous, youre not a speed runner. Odd, you fit that category to a T.

“I took time off work”. Well you made that mistake. Thats a you problem.