Release Date Cannot Come Quick Enough

Great beta experiences. The art direction, sound/music, game mechanics, unit animations, are all fantastic evolutions from the previous Diablo games.

Ability tuning, loot drop discussions, & connectivity are the right place to be for now.

Once we get the full experience for story, mid-endgame, we go from there. I think this game will comfortably match, and likely exceed, the success of D3.

My favorite bits: The increased feeling of immersion, the heavy snow storms partially blocking my view, the art direction, combat, and a better feeling that my character is going through the story.


I just want to get my hands on the full game. I find myself grinding dungeons at level 20/25 in these betas and trying to min max my character at that low level but it just makes me want to be lv 80-100 and start grinding out the actual end game.


I agree, I can’t wait! :slight_smile:


I’m actually looking forward to the whispering tree or whatever it’s called. I like the idea of a modern take on the D3 bounty system. I liked bounties because it was like doing little world quests. Didn’t feel too repetitive at first.

Agreed 100. Will the game keep me spelunking for gear, rebalancing my abilities, at 4AM when I’m a high level??

I’m going to buy the game. That much is sure. We’ll see if D4 keeps our attention.

I’m going to play Street Fighter first with husband, and see if they buff necro pets. If they do will play, if they don’t. Well I got grinding to do in it.

The changes are live at least in NA. It feels much better.

Necro skellies got a boost

I haven’t been on since the roll out started. Still trying to decide if I should get out of bed to try the Necro adjustments or roll over and go back to sleep for an hour or 2

cool that is good to know. I felt bad for the corpses being wasted on that skill. Now I look forward to the game.

the art direction is hit and miss. too much influence from souls and poe.