Reasons people are whining about D4?

Just so all the naysayer topics are consolidated in one post.

  • D4 is a rip off of Lost Ark (rofl)
  • D4 is boring
  • D4 is too easy
  • D4 doesn’t deserve to be called a Diablo game
  • D4? Moar like Lost Ark
  • D4 is uninspired and bland
  • D4 is so slow (lol)
  • Something D4 something lost ark

D4 is brilliant and even the Beta is brilliant. It’ll be a critical success and rightfully so.

Oh, and Lost Ark is a FFXIV ripoff.


The funny thing is all of those points are true. Except I haven’t played Lost Ark (or PoE) yet so no comment there.

You should also add that it feels like a mobile game, because that is also true.

I definitely enjoyed Grim Dawn a lot more than this including in the beginning areas.


They aren’t true. Not at all.


well i think this will be the first mainline blizz game im skipping since warcraft 1 , some of these skills have been used for over 3 decades now , using the same skills on the same mobs for the same loot , wow has an issue with borrowed power, this is borrowed the game.

not one single new class , its all greatest hits but faded and hollow like the copy. this is the work of a company with skill , money, time , fear and zero vision.

its just boring.


A few reasons there is so much negativity:

  1. They’re working the system. People on this board, in particular, are of the mindset that squeaky wheels get greased. Every time D3 has a PTR, it’s like this for a few weeks. Moan, moan, moan and they have this giant wishlist for the game that’s somehow supposed to be done despite the fact the devs have already stated what’s in the patch.

  2. Diablo favoritism. This is a big one, imo. D4 isn’t D2, D3 or Immortal, but people who had a favorite amongst those games wants it to be close to their favorite game. They then execute step one in this list to attempt to brigade the developers into making their idea of a Diablo game instead of Blizzard’s idea for D4.

I think this is a valid take. It’s an iteration of previous games, it’s not a whole new franchise. It could be the best game in the franchise but at the end of the day a better Whirlwind is still Whirlwind.

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  1. It’s going to take most players away from D3 and D2R. Most of the other points are just a cover.

Fanboys just don’t want to admit they’re irrational fanboys and they’re only hating because D4 is going to supersede their “favorite” version of the game.


but a lot of those points are true…


I was thinking about this as well. Even prior to the beta all the classes are the same in every Diablo game. Or taken from WoW.

By the time I got to one of the main quest dungeon areas and was doing the story, it felt just like every other Blizzard game since Warcraft 3 or WoW. And not in a good way.

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Having put 1000 hours in Lost Ark… yeah, it’s copied a lot of gameplay mechanics straight from Lost Ark. It’s exactly like the initial story continent at this point in time. Which, I don’t really mind, but yes… very true.

The colors are very washed out, which really I don’t mind so much after the pride flag rainbow party that was D3.

The classes are just bad copies from D2. If they tweak it A LOT I would like them, but as they are now it’s just embarrassingly bad.

It’s the beginning part of the game only, which is always boring for a Diablo game. But right now, yes… it’s boring.


They literally copy pasted Lost Ark and POE best hits of the 80s and slapped it onto mix tape and now claim it as an original Blizzard idea… At least Lost Ark has fappable characters.


There’s a lot more wrong about D4 then what you listed. You may think this game is “brilliant” and the beta is “brilliant” and a “critical success”, but you are part of the minority and complaining about the majority who has explained why it’s so bad. You can’t even describe why this game is “brilliant” and a “critical success”. I bet you played Diablo Immortal and thought it was crazy everyone was complaining about that mobile game the way people are complaining about this console game.


They all seem to be right to me.


My favorite is when people say D3 is a better game than D4.

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It’s definitely not brilliant lol
It’s the most bland and uninspired thing you could make with a major name, already existing lore and a giant team of professionals. What’s missing here are not resources but simply inspiration.


ROFL look at you all.

And claiming I’m in the minority? Stupidest thing ever. Look at other forums apart from the official ones.

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Another reason would be that their hotfixes are not fixing anything, they just remove key options out the game causing the game to be unplayable for me by now. Thanks for nothing blizzard. I might even gonna refund if this not gonna be fixed asap

Diablo 4 Beta No Fullscreen causing blackscreen/Greenscreen - YouTube

There are a lot more than this list, but…for the most part they’re all the same mindless drivvel which boils down to, “This game isn’t Diablo 2.”

The common denominator is that these are all comments coming from people who know nothing about game design or game health.

Hell, you can look at the replies to your post, saying idiotic crap like “They copy and pasted Lost Ark” when this game is nothing like Lost Ark.


While Grim Dawn is a great game, its not true that Diablo 4 feels like a mobile game. Its true to you and that makes it your opinion. :wink::point_right:

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You can also add that every class is builder spender

There are no dragons to ride that breath fire over all the outdoor mobs

I cannot chose to kill all the npc’s, sack their town/city, or become the King/Lord/Whatever of the country.

Shouts need to be discovered in the wild at ancient stones on tops of mountains

No powers that are found with gems and put into gear to make builds

There is no Ultimate difficulty while leveling