Rapid fire + scoundrel’s kiss

I am using a controller playing Diablo 4 and scoundrel kiss is an unusable item.

  • Whenever a mob is walking to you you cant hit it: arrows land behind it
  • Whenever a mob is too close to you it cant be hit: AOE explosion is to small
  • Unlike on a mouse you cannot “prefire” incoming mob, the time you fire and the time it lands is really weird (making you miss targeted mob)
  • You cannot shoot behind doors, stone arcs or some enclosed spaces. The arrow gets stuck to the to
  • You cannot shoot through an icewall - the arrow explodes on the top

There are a lot of issues with this item, it is more a downgrade. Only usable during bossing otherwise trash especially for players on a controller or hardcore players.

Ideas for a fix:

  • reducing the fire hight and lending time + increase of the expolsion AOE just enough to hit mobs right next to you


  • removing the “lob” part keeping the normal rapid fire behaviour. Every time an arrow hits a mob explode. If that would be considered too OP just keep the AOE on the target area or remove the AOE explosion completely and keep just the bonus dmg to Rapid fire.

Ya they ruined this build. I started playing after the scoundrel’s kiss "fix’ but googling it shows that it used to fire in a straight line and arch outward hitting everything in front of you all the way to the end of the screen. Now it just lobs over close enemies heads and its more irritating trying to kill non elite spiders then it is killing uber lilith.

I wrote a few improvement suggestions about this last week, but it doesn’t seem to be a priority for them right now. If the monsters didn’t all move at the same speed as my rogue, it might be possible to adapt to that gameplay. Feels pretty clunky though.

I like the second suggestion.

I think the too op part is a matter of tuning**, because if they remove explosions and the item becomes just added damage it will loose its purpose.

I switched back to a ring that has the Repeating aspect on it. It works better, which isn’t saying much.

Edited Note: And have started a necro alt. It’s a faceroll compared to rapid fire, but maybe if we all did that, the devs might pay attention.

I just read this thread: Balance update, please nerf infinite shield sorc

and it sounds like its a problem for PvP.

I don’t PvP, so haven’t a clue. But if PvP is why D4 doesn’t have any decent ranged builds, I won’t be buying the expansion.

I think PvP is not ever taken into consideration for something like this, otherwise thorn builds would also not exist. Have you ever seen how they perform there?

If people want balanced pvp, then they need to make special adjustments for it, but don’t prevent the main PvE game to have nice things because of it.

But to be fair, until nowadays they never prevented any interaction or anything because of pvo, in fact their instance is that for its current form “PvP will be unfair”