Question: The Grandfather - what do you think?

The Grandfather is or at least was consider ‘arguably’ the pinnacle 2H sword in Diablo 4. While not necessary the ‘best 2h weapon’ for every build it basically sits at the top of the food chain amongst its Unique weapon friends right?

How does this pinnacle weapon now compare to a GAIII 5/5 tempered legendary 2H sword in your opinion; has the gap been closed?

Also consider, that with Uber drop rates the chances of anyone finding a max GA Uber Grandfather is for all purposes, statistically irrelevant for the vast majority of players.

My gut feeling is that a GAIII 5/5 tempered legendary 2H sword isn’t going to be far behind if not superior. Not that this is a bad thing, build diversity, choice and a healthy tension between Unique and Legendary items is a good thing. However, it does also make we wonder where all the other Unique items now fall given, very few live up to The Grandfathers potential as it stands today.

Now that we can have life on weapons, I don’t know… We can stuff the 2H weapon with all useful affixes + lego power. Where is GF on hardcore with this bs affix about durability? :slight_smile: I mean… Ignore Durability Loss, must be very useful on hardcore, right? Right… :smiley:

It’s very easy for players to reach 1000+ critical damage with Grandfather equip. With Season 4 coming, Greater Affixes will just make that number higher. I’m guessing people will be having 2000+ crit damage. Maybe even 3k crit damage.

Good item for Necro Bone Spear.

Good but certainly not the best

Ubers should automatically roll with 5 Greater Affixes and those Affixes should roll higher than normal GA items. UUs are always max iLvl.

Unique Items should also automatically roll with GAs and roll with 4 GAs. Unique items should scale with cLvl and World Tier. Sacred Uniques automatically upgrade to Ancestral when moving to WT4. iLvl scaling will always outpace cLvl by a large margin, making it 925 at Lvl 70. This lets you pass these items to other characters in your account.

Some Unique items should have their Aspects either added to the Standard Aspect pool for a class, or in their Skill Tree and the Unique removed entirely.

@Gibs this available for all uniques that were BiS. I think everybody included in their feedback that in general unique items need a boost. They way Blizzard chooses to do that, we’ll have to wait and see.