Question about Steam forums for Diablo 4

I’m wondering if Blizzard monitors the Steam forums. It might not seem important, but i’m sure Steam itself has valuable meta information about the D4 players.

What do you mean? What data blizzard can’t gain from their own forum that steam has? Or reddit has? Or mmo champion has?

Steam is a massive distribution platform. It hosts a lot more games than Blizzard has.

People playing on Steam own a lot more game than just Diablo 4. I have probably 50-60 games there. That library generates a profile. That profile should interest Blizzard.

But in the end, do you think Blizzard reads Steam?

Noob. I’m rocking well over 400 games there. Mind you, I haven’t ever installed like 60% of them. But I have them. Freakin’ steam sales.


An even smaller portion of the playerbase uses Steam. A smaller portion of that base used the Steam forums. It’s a percent of a percent.

Nothing said there hasn’t already been said here a billion times.

With game pass coming soon, i doubt any1 will use steam for blizz

I understand Blizzard has it’s own forums for, forum purposes. What about the Steam player metas? I thought it would be valuable.

looks at library of 725 games and 649 DLC   :zipper_mouth_face:

Have you been to the D4 Steam forums? They were set up by one of our Community Managers. Yes, they do read them as part of the feedback collection. Just like they read these forums, reddits, twitter, websites with guides and such, youtube comments/streams, twitch streams, etc.

The DIV-Team can read every single thread but the question ist, are they 100% dedicated Diablo Players themselves so that they can indentify with what they read and understand it?

If the answer was yes the game would already be very good.

I dont have a problem to support the DIV-Team and i already spend a lot of money when i was happy.

After some time i recognized that the progression is very very slow. So i made a joke comment “dont you guys have a unique crossbow?” Now here we are. Season 4 is near and still unhappy rogues. Thats only one of many examples.

don’t worry, they are in every forum and they moderate the steam forum too.