Ptr is good but d4 need a d2 approach

The changes you have made are very good, I have had a lot of fun with the constructions, the templating and the masterworking, but I think Diablo 4 is focusing on Diablo 3 and moving further away from Diablo 2, I think you should pay more attention to the system of d2 and implement it in some way in d4, I think that is really what a Diablo player is looking for, I think that a rune system could be introduced and use those white bases and create runewords, just as you have to give the blue and yellow items, since we don’t know what to do with them, otherwise you are on the right track, keep listening to the community, it has been a good ptr


Pick them up and salvage them, or wear them until you get better. It’s not rocket science - esp. with the high cost of veiled crystals across the board.

Also, they tried to introduce a new version of the runeword system and everyone hated it so that went out the door. I suspect some new types of game mechanics will be featured in the expansion, though.


It’s not too late to release Stone of Jordan!!!

Let me translate this into s4 affix lingo for the devs to speed things along:
+1 all active skills
+1 all passive skills
+25% resource regen
+20 resource
+50 All stats
Unique Ability: Allow player to also portal into cow level, play as Paladin, or Javazon


I like this , id go with a smiter :wink:

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My gut feeling is that they will test a Runeword type system during a Season and then it will become a core feature of a future expansion.

I’m cool with D4 being more D3 than D2. D2 is a rose colored glasses thing. It actually sucks. That is why the D2R lobbies are a ghost town. Even my brother who loved D2 thinks it actually was a bad game. Specially with all the duping lol.


D2 runewords were kinda bad tbh.
But the new type of cause and effect runewords that were originally announced for D4 seemed quite nice. Bring those back instead.


My Gut is that if they do look at it, it will be in the expansion, but don’t expect it before then (unfortunately)

If you say Diablo 2 is a bad game, it’s because you didn’t have a childhood.


Let’s fix yellow items first, here’s a suggestion

6-7% of the time a yellow will roll a 3rd affix and have a beam on it

That 3rd affix will always be a conditional or an affix that used to exist but it’s no longer there

About blues & whites, tbh don’t care (yet) :slight_smile:

no ty, not like this. not more mandatory items. There has to be a more interesting way then just add raw power


Original post was a joke, Except for the part about cow level and transforming into Paladin or Javazon. We need that ASAP. :+1:

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That is the first time I’ve heard this one! Made me laugh so kudos to you!

haha my bad, didnt got the joke, it was pretty late, and we had so many posters with some weird wishes, that i just assumed that really what u wanted.

I would take D2 sidekicks and classes for sure. But gameplay mechanics and endgame D3 is much better in today’s world. I would be playing POE if I wanted D2 today.


If D4 had D2’s Itemization, Drop Rates would be one of the best ARPG’s. Would be on a mission to get my Hydra Bow.

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Sorry but i dont want to stop every Elite pack to pick Blue/Yellow items for Runewords and go back to town. No way.

Just Legendaries, everything else salvage go go-

Rose colored glasses!? Nice opinion, definitely doesn’t reflect the vast majority who think otherwise.

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And the D2R lobbies are still a ghostown… I guess the ghosts must be playing it then?

Considering everything they’ve done that makes D4 similar to D2 has resulted in flipping outrage, job threats, etc. this is a foolish idea.