PTR Feedback - pros, bugs and what to improve

Pros :

  • Codex with aspects, it’s great, there is a search engine, bravo! This is what we’ve been waiting for
  • Helltide 2.0 is also great. Much higher density of creatures, more events, Sandworms from Dune. Beautifully :slight_smile:
  • Itemization, crafting → It’s much better than it was. This can be considered a good start.
    Later I will do something else with white, blue and yellow, but I assume that the expansion will be the quickest.
  • Pits - quite cool, but they need some refinement and bug fixes. A greater variety of maps will also be useful.
  • Zoom out the camera - extra! There’s even more to come, but it’s a good start :slight_smile:

To improve :

  • Greater Affixes not visible. Please put I, II or III in the item icon or change the color to red or purple etc.
  • useless white/blue and yellow items (only mats of them)
  • in connection with the above, give us at least a completely basic Loot Filer - hide the white, blue, yellow…
  • regarding yellow ones - in PTR there may be a slight deficit of crystals, you can slightly increase the drop or reduce the cost of applying aspects (75->50)
  • Upgrade materials from Pits drop too often. I reached ~lvl 80 pits and had no problem with upgrading,
    I would even say that the improvement was too fast for a typical endgame activity
  • boxes of materials and replacing them by 5 pieces and opening each box is a disaster. I hope this is just some temporary PTR solution.
  • world bosses are still too weak. They die in 30 seconds at lvl 100, so after mastering and finishing the build, 3-5 seconds max.
  • reduce the amount of loot in NMD. After 2 runs I’m full. In Pits the drop is great, in Helltide it’s okay.
  • it seems to me that leveling is too fast now (too much power creep after changing itemization)
  • animations in mastering are definitely too long, and the skip almost does not skip - needs to be repaired
  • after removing Damage Reduction from items, I feel like a Glass Cannon - a lot of power, but I can die from 1 hit, even from a mob
    despite 25-30k HP, capped res, 20k+ armor and playing with minions that take agro on themselves.


  • minions from Necro in Pits disappear when moving from lvl1 to lvl2… they attack, but you can’t see them at all.
    This error regularly occurred every 2-3 pits.
  • The AI of the minions may have been slightly improved, but they still attack poorly on their own. I had to change the build to minions + bone spear to
    attack myself first, so that the mobs will run to me, so that the minions will react.
    It would be useful to have the option to switch them from Defensive to Offensive in the Book of the Dead.


  • you have unlocked trade - great! but we cannot trade in the game. No bazaar, auction house, nothing.
    We have to go to some external website, copy properties, list an item, make an appointment, add ourselves to friends,
    meet at the designated place and complete the transaction… it’s a painful journey.
  • no clan functions (raids, who played when, etc.)
  • no general chat
  • no filter loot
  • no party finder and Looking For Group (LFG) chat
  • unable to see an item that is lying on the floor (you have to pick it up)
  • no teleport to the party player
  • no teleports in non-capital cities
  • inability to bind the teleporter to the whisper tree (but this fixes the NPCs in cities being a bit closer to each other)
  • improve the view of items, legends, uniques
  • no overlay map
  • PVP to think about, rework, no one plays it.
  • give the opportunity to complete the campaign again, e.g. at higher levels, endgame or lvl 100
  • strongholds - they can be used for seasons, events, give them a new life
  • armory - something to save builds, settings, skills, paaragons.
  • add more bosses, even those that have already been in the campaign, e.g. Astaroth
  • further improve crafting, add more randomness, improve mastering, give not 5 but a random amount of tempering (forging potential) as in LE

What we will see or what we would like to see in the expansion:

  • runes
  • sets
  • raids
  • mercs
  • new class, new act, new skills
  • it would be useful to completely rework the paaragons, but it’s such a core part of the game that it’s hard to ask for it.
    While I once thought that paaragons might be cool… now, after almost a year, I realize that they suck.
    They neither bring joy nor satisfaction, they are just another thing that we have to click to have power - no fun, boring and complicated.

In general, PTR is a huge plus. Keep doing it, listen to the feedback, but actually do it, not just that you say you listen and do your job anyway :slight_smile:
Season 4 will be great. Please don’t slow down on S5, because you will only confirm the weak odd seasons.
Keep this level and the game will gradually become better and better over time.
If you don’t know something or are unsure - ask. There is a huge fan base and community that will be happy to help.
Changes in itemization, crafting and even PTR are very good changes. Keep it up!


Great feedback, good point with trading possibilities.


Very good feedback. I hope that the gentlemen from Blizzard will finally give us some activity for the Clan.

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All in all a good feedback, but there are a few things I don’t really agree with:

I think here the issue is not the Bosses but the broken builds. If they fix the bugged builds or the overpowered ones (because some are just overpowered without being bugged), than you will have a decent fight.

i mean, what is the point of lvling slower? we have done this already so many times. The argument related to itemization does not stand cause normally you should not really invest in gear until you are lvl 100 or only if you know the respective item will stay in your build even after you reach 100.

There are still uniques that you can implement with DR and also paragon nodes that give you DR. I think you haven’t fully optimized your builds. I don’t think the removal of DR had a negative impact on the game play.

I actually disagree. This part is what makes the difference between player who invest time in optimizing and the ones that don’t. The ones that don’t, usually end up copying the builds from the ones that do, I know, but for example you were talking about improving the PvP. Well, there the paragon boards play an important role and the builds are not so public as for PvE.

But it’s not about deleting paragons. Now they are boring, difficult to read (because everything is almost the same looking square), instead of 3 squares +5 strength, it would be better to have one +15 square and fewer squares, it could be more expensive. And the fact that you can rotate the paragon boards gives you 1024 times more combinations when you use 5 boards, the optimization of this is terrible, it literally gives you the “traveling salesman problem”, it’s unnecessarily complicated and there’s no fun in upgrading it.

But it collides with the Uber and Ultra bosses, the way the builds look is balanced around the Ultra and Uber bosses, the world bosses are much weaker than them, so if Blizzard nerfed all the builds to make the world bosses challenging they could make Ultra bosses impossible to kill, and the Uber bosses killable with only several builds.

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I agree with everything

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