PTR feedback from me and my community

Overall, the best part of the PTR, tons of fun, super dense monster spawns, the REPUTATION CACHES with rewards datamined from the game files should be permanent, not just for this season. It would be cool if a small amount of platinum was the reward at the end, for example. Also, it should reset regularly, say every two weeks.
Generally, it’s a great foundation for future expansion.

The worst-executed part of the PTR, aside from the minor bugs and glitches they’ll probably fix in the final version (or not), poor Diablo 3 rifts had more depth. No goblins, no chests, no butcher, too short, too fast.
Level designs are too simple, just corridors, impossible to get lost, everything too similar… For example, in Diablo 3, we could make the entire rift on one huge level, or on ten small ones, and we never knew what might happen next… In Diablo 4, it’s always two simple levels and always the same boss arena. Plus, if we leave a shrine for the boss fight, it disappears when the timer runs out… Who came up with that?
The level selection UI sucks too, too many levels, it always automatically selects the highest one. Wouldn’t it be better to have maybe even 100, but with bigger jumps in enemy power? Plus, the gameplay itself in the end looks like either you kill someone with one shot, or they kill you.
Despite the pits being poorly done, they play much better than nightmare dungeons because the combat feel is really good, and in the pits, we only fight.
This will make nightmare dungeons the most disliked and mandatory content in the game.
Instead of a million sigils, I suggest something like a key from World of Warcraft, let there be one that resets every week, but the higher we push it, the bigger the reward and the possibility of pushing the Glyph very high.

Tempering is a very good foundation for future development, it generates tons of possibilities and fun when it comes to playing with items. Please, don’t nerf this but limit the drop of crafting materials instead, let there be OP builds in the game, but let building them take a lot of time and effort. I would also suggest that items could drop with more or less durability, if there are always five, it’s boring.
What if a perfect item drops but with low durability and we burn it? Add a very rare crafting material that allows us to increase durability by 1, but let it be really rare and tradable, it will give some sense to the space in the inventory and trading.
Mastering is generally a very cool system, but I would increase the cost of upgrading or limit the drop of materials at the end of the pit because at the moment on the PTR, it’s too easy to push high and collect these materials to the point where the cost basically doesn’t matter, we do whatever we want literally. Also, exchanging crafting materials for lower ones is, I hope, just a placeholder. Finally, the issue of mastering UI… Why do we need a failure animation? It’s too long, skip doesn’t work, we immediately see that the item hasn’t been upgraded, but we still have to watch the animation… After three months, it might haunt us at night. It seems to me that it would be better if there were no failure animations, but instead, a sound and some smoke. I would leave the success animation, and then it makes sense because for those literally two seconds, we wait in suspense to see what has improved, which has a Diablo 3 identification vibe. Also, I hope that in the final version, we won’t immediately see what has been upgraded in the inventory outside the mastering window.
Codex of power is definitely +.
What about white, blue, and yellow items? Wouldn’t it be nice to add a crafting material that changes white to blue and blue to yellow, with a greater chance of greater affixes? Additionally, make this material very rare but exchangeable between players.
Tormented Echoes Bosses cost too many basic materials and too few Stygian Stones, which makes it more profitable to go 2x on one lvl 100 boss than to collect 45 bloods for Tormented Zir.

What’s Missing:

  • World Bosses are a joke! I understand they drop currency for crafting sockets so they have to be somewhat accessible to casuals, but for heaven’s sake! It can’t be that at WT4 the fight with him always lasts 3 seconds! If you don’t want to change it, add a hard version for premade parties, where we’ll have a limited number of lives, a much faster, stronger, and tougher boss, and more rewards for the fight.
  • The overall enemy balance is a joke, World Bosses weaker than Hellseekers, Helltide Bosses stronger than Uber Lilith… Fighting Uber Lilith is not a challenge either, and why should we even fight her?
  • Clan activities? When will we get them? Some high-level Strongholds for clans, world bosses, or other things that don’t require much effort from you could spice up the game for clans.
  • Basic clan functions, different rank colors, last login, party finder
  • A loot filter is not unnecessary at all, give us at least a basic one
  • You unlocked trading, but we don’t have any in-game platform for trading, instead, we have to go to external websites, discords, and groups where RMT is often practiced.
  • Give us the ability to play through the campaign on higher difficulty levels
  • Leveling is too fast

I agree that Nightmare Dungeons need rework at current state of game, i especially hate when i have to get two stones in dungeon to unlock doors, and i can’t pick both at once. I don’t see any reason behind it. It makes dunegons like that irritating.

About loot filter, it will be nice if somehow we can decide if some of items could drop as materials (we have to do it manually by going to smith atm) then game will have a lot better flow than now when you MUST collect items you don’t want to wear because you need materials from them.

Possibility of upgrading white items to blue, blue to yellow etc. would be great, i wonder why it’s not in game already.


I fully agree that world bosses are a joke…
We need clan activities, last login, party finder and LFG chat.

Also totally agree with auction house and loot filter - give us at least a simple one to start with.

Preload a day or two sooner is a must.


Yes, last login is a MUST if there are clans in the game. Without this, it is impossible to check whether someone is active or not, currently every clan has limited space for clan members and this creates situations where you can’t add someone because you’re not sure who’s still playing and who’s not and you don’t want remove some active player from clan.

It should not be that hard to add. I understand that at current point clan activities could not be priority and it requires a lot of work to implement but last login information should be in game since day one.

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This is the second post where i see that lvling is too fast. Are you guys masochistic or something? :smiley: We have lvled chars to 100 so many times, I don’t understand why would anyone want to stay longer on lower lvls…