PTR feedback and wishes

Hello Blizz

Season 4 seem be at our gates

Most of the changes provided will improve gamplay esspecially for long term players and end game progress. Keep up with the good work!

Currently well perofmed changes are:

  1. Mastering and tempering items with a risk of loosing/breaking it
    It always a good idea to keep in hack and slash gear optimization tools with some gamble and risk.

  2. New end game events
    Pits and Helltides seem to be good way to encourage players to stay within the game for longer period and are challenging.

  3. Fast leveling
    It is controversial statment, but since the end game starts not at level 60 -70 but really only at level 100. You really do not want to loose players just because way from 60 → 100 seem to be boring.

  4. Itemization
    Keep up with those good changes and simplicity for number and variety of affixes

I also would like to provide few hints for the future that might be helpful in keeping players in the game
Esspecially for an end game progress

  1. Simplicity
    Do no put too many crafting different/unique/super important crafitng materials (around 10 -15 is healthy, more than 30 is confusing)
    Try to keep low amount but with with great hunger for them always deficit, tradable and multiple use of single material to event and crafts

Example Single material that is used both to unlock event and as crafitng material

  • Cannot spam event unless you trade material for items or other mats
  • Spaming a crafitng material for low value items not the best idea, since you could use it better to unlock event or trade.
  • Gold should be in constant deficit to unlock some high level event or highest craft level or additional/next roll on items mastering/tempering with continous increased cost to the max stash limit
  1. Keeping social life
    Trade should keep people in the game and with interactions to optimsie your progress

Constant need for getting materials vs items to keep up the current progress
I should be always a good idea to sell good base of an item or mastered piece for materials that are in the deficit and coudl yaste you few hours of farming.

Extreme events that need cooperation with NO LOOT but leaderboards instead

In-game Clans leader board that managed to kill exceptional world bosses with the best time. Expensive/hard to unlock.

  1. Paragon board

Paragon board proves that putting to many values and eqautions in order to be optimised is not a good idea, and sometimes waste of time for no greater value.

A small stash for let say 5 different colour glyphs/talismans that grows with level from 1to1 at lvl 50 up to 5 to 5 on level 100 is simple passives improvemnt board and also you can put some flavour in it let say Glyph that give some basic power but is enhanced when left of this glyph/talisman sits is a specific color talisman in stash next to it.
Common Blue glyph +5 str and if yellow glyph to the left +5 Int
Rare Red Gylph +5 will power and if blue on top and yellow on bottom +10 Str + 10Int

With let say limtiation that rare glyph cannot touch other rare in that special stash

  1. Open world

It is never good idea to put in hack and slash predictable environemnt that you learn by heart like the map, It should be always an explore mode. Nevertheles you can still use it for your adantage
In this case I would encourage players to explore and learn more this world with daily quest BUT WITHOUT QUEST HELPER in order to get so much important materials that are in DEFICT.

Quest Example
In the frozen wastes there is a cave next to the shore that holds a mystery scroll bring it to me and you will be handsomly revarded by crafting material X

  1. Fight

Put a continous effort in optimising fighting builds so that game is fresh and give the oportunity in each season to try soemthing differnt.

Do not be afraid to NERF too strong builds ( even big time) just becuase you will let say hear feedback that, players love whirlwind barb and dont you dare touch it. You can always keep it playable, but does it really mean it always have to be the strongest build for barb (Just an example and I really love Whirwind barb :slight_smile: )?

  1. Itemziation

I feel that this part had the best improvemnent within ptr but stil lI would not put it away for the next season for imrpovements

I have now strong feeling that defensive stats are easliy acheived like res or armor and not so interesting,
and offesive are pumped to the limits
Current D4 statment would be that the best way for defend is to attack.
It is ok but you can but some mroe balance in the defence and feeling that I really needto look at it on items
I would like you to consider some way of balancig offense vs defense esspecially on higher tiers of pits and ubers where if you forget to start with defense you will FOR SURE get one shot really fast and you need to first build /consider some DEF in your gear before you can make some sick Offensive builds.

Overall I hope you will get some positive feedback from season 4 from players!!

Kind regards