PTR Feedback after ¬ 100h played mainly on SORC, just a bit on others

I am a main Sorc player so I will provide my feedback strictly on that and the mechanics related to Sorc as a class. At the end I will give thou my opinion on some other classes that i think are overpowered or bugged or simply their skills visual ruin the game (yeah you guessed it, Dust Devils)…

Sorc Builds Tried and feedback:

  1. Frozen Orb Build - fully optimized (S Tier). In my opinion its the best build both for farming and killing bosses without being overpowered or ruining the game for others. The mechanics work as intended and it feels really good playing it.

  2. Immortal Flame Shield Fire Bolt/or Teleport (S Tier) - Well, its immortal. That should say it all. I know that if this goes live may will say that it will ruin the game for others and especially it will kill PvP. I enjoyed playing those build however, but as much as I want Sorc to be overpowered in all categories, I don’t want it to ruin the game. So if a solution can be found without nerfing any of the Sorc’s skills that would be great. In my opinion nerfing Hectic aspect or reworking the aspect would be the best solution

  3. Ball Lightning Build (A Tier) - Honestly I didn’t play much on this build and I didn’t get it fully optimized because I played so much BL or Arc Lash in Season 3 that i felt I had enough. However, I saw what it can do and I think it’s a good build. No buggs, no issues with the mechanics. All works as intended.

  4. Blizzard/Ice Spikes Build - fully optimized (B-C Tier). Can do all content but much harder than the ones posted above. However, I think it will still be a good build for lvling. I would rate it as a mid tier build for Sorc

  5. Ice Shards Build - fully optimized (B-C Tier). Like the Blizzard build, can do all content, but it doesn’t compare with the first 2 options. I did not find any bugged mechanics on it

  6. Arc Lash - I dunno, I didn’t optimize it and I can’t say if there is any bug on it or how powerful it is.

List of bugs that I experienced while playing PTR:

  • Codex of Power - resets when creating new char
  • Paragon Node for Druid has no Cap on Overpower and therefore makes Tornado/Boulder Druid do trizilions of dmg

List of things that look overpowered and maybe need attention:

  • Hurricane/Boulder Druid - bugged paragon node → trizilions of dmg

  • Dust Devil Barb - the dmg is in terms of billions, but the thing that affected me most is the visual effect. Please rework it! it makes the game experience so bad!

  • Tornado Druid - the dmg is in terms of billions even thou none of the mechanics from what i heard are bugged. Its like the case of the immortal sorc. meaning that things work as intened but the end result is being overpowered

  • Immortal Sorc/ Fire bolt/Teleport build - none of the mechanics are bugged, but being immortal … well…

  • Necromancer - I saw necros hit for billions of dmg , but I am not sure if there is a bug that causes this or simply the mechanic itself needs attention


  • Please rework the Uber Uniques. Right now for many classes they are not worth the trouble. Be that reworking the affixes or giving them possibility to be tempered I don;t care, they just need a boost!
  • More Vieled Crystals or lower material costs in general
  • Make GA Items a different collor. Its hard to identify them in the inventory being the same color as a legendary
  • More tempering durability on GA items and/or possibility to reset tempering on items
  • Rework the visual on masterworking
  • Lower failure rate on masterworking
  • Lower cost for Tormented Beast in the Ice 96. Please drop the cost of Distilled Fear
  • Balance the tempering options. Right now you can have from 2 up to 6 options of tempering. Obviously its not fair as the builds that need the tempers with 2 options will most probably get what they need, while the ones that need something from a list of 5 have a much lower chance to get it.

All in all, I find the changes to be great and going in the right direction.
had a lot of fun on PTR and now I can’t go back to Season 3, so I will just wait for S4 and take care of RL stuff :smiley: