Poison imbue roug test

I tried crafting some puncture imbue build on my 73 lvl rogue (which i made only because i need vuln/critdmg tempers for other classes xd) and with weapons 925/840 ilvl i am able to push 500k poison per tick with mid grade puncture imbue aspect.

Is that good number at 73 lvl ? this is with only Tracker glyph and the one for non-physical damage, both level 4.

Testing was done against boss training dummy.

Not viable for end game content without Andariel visage, which will be the real source of poisoning damage.

the DoT damage went up to 1.5m at 89 lvl and glyphs upgraded to 15 lvl, but yeah, even if i found frigid finesse amulet that won’t be any significant amount… Tried farming Torm Duriel for andy on my barb but no luck, just starless skies.

With Andariel I am actually reaching 400 million damage dots on crowd control, don’t have an amulet with frigif finesse and patch buff of andariel’s visage is tomorrow. If you want a poison build, aim to find andariel visage.

im doing up to 1 billion dmg with dots with andy visage. probably higher now with the new buff from the patch.