Please don't turn d4 into d3

Man, speed of creeping in game doesn’t define if it’s fun or not. In D2 every monster just was more important, and they acted differently. In D3, PoE or D4 you don’t care about type of monsters usually, the best build in modern HnS is build which skips the fight and in my opinion it’s opposite of fun.

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Yes… I’m a fan of D2 but today I can’t play it. It’s really very slow, but d4 is now too fast. That’s not fun. Just hold down a button and kill everything like d3?

Agreed, but have you fought Andariel and/or high lvl pit bosses? There are, again, 9000+ different bright ground effects. Random pools, lightning rods, pulsing totem things, rotating fire beams.

It’s getting kind of ridiculous again.

I don’t mind difficult 1-shot mechs or things that are telegraphed, but FFS, can we not clutter the screen with so much nonsense?

It already is d3,wait 50 more leg and unquies it will be exactly like d3. Two builds that work per class and more legs to salvage. They giving everyone a chance at Mystics soon so yah exactly like d3 sadly.

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Yes, sadly D4 is taking all the wrong things from D3. Mega buffs every patch, leaving majority of content in the dust and killing build diversity. Timed content that removes all the fun of exploration, events and experimentation. At least D3 had some innovative ideas, even if many of them didn’t pan out.

D4 has good graphics and solid gameplay. But it systems and diversity suck.

D3 at least had social features,better qol. You could play a class make a build, support ect. Now everyone is dps. Bad idea and they followed through on it. No x-pac for me it just another year of balancing a game broken at its core.

D3 >>>> D4

This game needs some help STILL.

too late i think, they strongarmed and pushed it. Most of the sponsors come from D3 so not saying they all wanted this, but i am sure some do, and well that is all that matters to the corporation. otherwise they wouldn’t do the media circus.
That said D3 as a self contained game, is better than whatever this mess is.

But i would have liked to try the new D4 game, with this new loot system, i think the good in the design wasn’t given a chance. So now its a new kind of boring.

We do need much of the QoL that D3 had.

D4 feels like the dev team never played D3 before.

So you remember how much better D3 was at release? LOL It took them 10 years to finally make it somewhat good. Hope we won’t need 10 years of stats and experience to get this game to a good spot.

But they are suppose to learn… It took years to improve D3 QoL?

That doesn’t mean throw it all to the floor and start from scratch. You are suppose to learn, grow, and get better.

Unless, you fire all your senior devs or otherwise make them leave and just have mostly devs who don’t know the past to have learned from it.

No company would be silly enough to do that just to increase their bottom line and show temp profits tho right???