Please allow uber unique items from eternal to be used in seasonal after reaching level 100

I am a new player in the Diablo franchise and have been playing Diablo 4 for countless hours. I started playing in season 2 and learned that the game would send my character to the eternal realm at the end of each season, which was quite surprising.

After spending long hours on speed farming, I collected some Uber unique items in the Eternal realm. However, I discovered I couldn’t use those items with my Season 3 character, who was at level 100. This doesn’t make sense since the identical Uber uniques are available in season 3 as well. My primary motivation for reaching level 100 was to use my eternal Uber Unique on season 3, but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible.

Therefore, I request the game developers to allow unlocking the Uber uniques once players reach level 100 so they can use them in any season.

Eternal and Seasonal are 2 different realms. Allowing something like this would open the door for people to ask for all their gold, materials, and other gear to be transferred over. It’s understandably frustrating knowing you have to repeat the Duriel grind all over again, but that’s the nature of ARPG’s.

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It’s not the same since the number of Uber Uniques is small. It took me at least 100 Duriel runs to finally get a Uber Unique. Doing the same thing every season seems pointless. The fact that the Uber uniques that you gather over multiple seasons can only be used on the Eternal Realm is ridiculous.

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Why do you feel the need to chase down the most rare items in the game each season?

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no. you want ubers in seasonal, find them in seasonal.


Being able to bring items over from Eternal to Season would ruin the entire concept of Season.

Instead, Eternal and Seasons should have the exact same content at the exact same time, all time.
Let players pick the realms they prefer, while accessing whatever new content is available.

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I don’t feel the need; I consider it a valuable reward that can boost your build.

Would you really feel rewarded, or that you cheapened the experience?

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Please make a class that has one button to hold for this dude. A Class that destroys everything on sight, so he can tell his kids what a great gamer he is and how he PWNS demons.

No I mean a new class that is only selectable by people like him, not Barb, fix that one. :hamster: :popcorn:

IMO The Eternal Real is an outcasted Realm with nothing else to do but boost your build by chasing the perfect build, including uber uniques.

Maybe we can agree that uber unique item drop rates need a buff, but what you want, op, would open a can of worms no one wants to deal with.

I think a Blizzard quote that would be appropriate here is “You think you do, but you don’t!”.

Considering how incredibly wrong Blizzard was about that one, maybe not so appropriate :smiley:

But agreed, people in games often want a lot of stuff that would only make their experience worse in the end.

I know how wrong they were in the context they said it in, with WoW Classic servers.

Used it regardless, because I think it works in this case.

Just no. Its a seasonal game so everything starts from scratch. Your able to play on the eternal if seasons isnt your thing.

Uncommon uniques are fine the way they are. Nothing in the game is rare.