PLAY YOUR WAY! (nerfs skeletons)

Skeleton nerf on Necro was heavy handed. Full minion build w/ skeleton defenders can’t keep them alive. Having 8 minions die to one attack isn’t fun, especially when reap corpse gen is a 5 second cooldown and the minions get 1 shorted on Normal WT1 by mini bosses. World boss is just stupid. Why would anyone think this was ok? Rolling a rogue I guess. :man_facepalming:t3:


Its going to be just like Diablo 3. You’ll see sets that allow you to play skellie builds during certain seasons. Just depends on what kind of sets they come out with.

This is just a reskinned Diablo 3


Thank you for fixing this during the server slam!! Fight against Ashava wasn’t a cake walk, but at least I could summon a minion and have it survive more than 2 seconds. Still, would be nice to give minions a % of immunity to boss attacks, kind of like Hunter pets in WoW. Their AI is not smart enough (yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) to avoid one hit mechanics.

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Necro along with Sorce in the first Betas were way OP which is why those two were the most played classes…majority of the Diablo Faithful including YouTube said the Nerfs were needed…
…after the Hot Fix they felt about just right…once you get Mages, throw points into the two Passives that buff their stats…and actually use some other skills…they were fine

Skeletons were really only good for being a wall to keep a crowd of mobs off players in the server slam. Was disappointing to tell them to switch off of them when we killed ashava a few times.

Can’t wait to bring the dark prince back into the game and use devour :sunglasses:

Actually a lot of us came out and said the nerfs weren’t needed that according to closed beta player reports minnion necro builds were not viable end game. The game wasnt balanced around over geared level 25s. Those of us who said that were proven correct.

The problem is that blizzard listened to loud whiners instead of actually playing their game. Youtubers were uninformed loudmouths that didnt do any do diligence prior to making the x class is overpowered claims.

You can tell this by when a dev says i haven’t played the necro since the nerfs ill get back to you.

I mean wtf. How can a lead developer release a nerf to the public with out actually doing some internal testing? It was obvious with in an hour how bad it was.

Whats ironic is that rogues the one class soloing Ashava on World Tier 2 on hardcore is not even on lips of the nerf necro crowds… there just ignored.

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They really need to put up a sticky thread like “play your way was just a marketing phrase, that we attributed to the fact that we made the campaign non-linear, and made more than one end game activity that you can choose to do”

so there aren’t 1000 threads using it as ammunition for ‘they lied because i can’t do X now!’

Perspective Option: You can’t buff/nerf anything until after release. A test is a test.

Fact… the devs themselves said they nerfed the class. So they said you can nerf a class prior to full release.

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I have opted to adopt a more favorable perspective.

Your perspective doesn’t change fact. The devs said it they nerfed it… their perspective is what matters and from their perspective it was a nerf. :grin:

It matters to me! :joy: :joy: :joy:

As much as people give d3 grief, i still warmed up to demon hunter and made a rogue build that plays just like it.

I am still hoping that a petbuild will be able to survive in the endgame with all skills that where not available right know. I really love the Armymancer like in D2.

that’s wrong. the op build was the corpse explosion constantly going off. The skeletons were fine before.

Yet another person complaining about Necro because they were doing it wrong. It is seriously one of the easiest classes in the game.
Dont bother with the defender skellies tho, they are fairly weak compared to the skirmishers who can just max the damage output high enough if you recycle properly.

Exactly… it was the aspect that while blood mist was active. Blood mist would auto detonated corpses and for each corpse exploded it reduced blood mist cooldown about a second or so.

Then there was a upgrade for blood mist in the skill tree that every second blood mist was active it would drop a corpse.

It was this that made Necromancers unkillable gods in the first two open betas. All the knee jerk nerf Necromancers was do to that combo.

And yet rogues are soloing ashava on hardcore on world tier two during server slam. but ya nerf Necromancers.

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Necros weren’t in the first two open betas. They were only in the second one. And yes the aspect of explosive mist was especially, insanely overpowered because you could clear the entire screen at no risk to yourself. However the minions were also very overpowered. They were nearly invulnerable, especially in the first 20 levels, and just made Necros blow through content. Everyone that rolled Necro thought the class was op without even considering the aspect of explosive mist.

So what… sumons in D2 were that way. Damn near indestructible… that didnt last in hell difficultly.

Also in the open beta the pets got obliterated by Ashava… so where it mattered pets were dead.

So no necro pets were not overpowered… just the ignorance of people that some how thought there level 25 necros were reminiscent of d4 end game