PIT should be a lot more Monsters with more health and more damage

I was very happy with the addition of the well, we really needed content to test our build to the maximum. And keep looking for better items.

However, I was disappointed with the higher levels. PIT 200 is exactly the same as PIT1, there are always 2 floors and a boss at the end. Obviously I didn’t get to do PIT 200, but I watched a lot of videos and came to this conclusion. I’m not saying it’s easy, in fact, above 100 it becomes difficult for builds all adjusted to armor and resistances.

But what I expected is that there would be some feeling of change, after all, the bosses are the maximum content. The portal should turn red, etc.

It should be terrifying, scary, have that adrenaline rush. Anyone who has ever whispered redemption in D3 at HC knows what I’m talking about. Before you enter, you reduce your damage, increase your defense buffs and you don’t know if you will come out alive. Entering well 200 should be the same feeling, you should drink a potion, exemption, pray and go there.

I hope that if it is not possible in all the final pits at least every 10 final pits (150,160…) there would be some special mechanic. Meteors… mobs coming out along the way, some different champions like we have in the tides, mobs that do no damage but throw curses, rooms that lock with mobs jumping at you, place 5,6 blood seekers and about 4 sea monsters vomiting monsters at us. You are Blizard, you can do it.

PIT 200 should never be done in 2 minutes, even with broken damage. Solve this by placing reductions in our total damage at higher levels. Ex pit 150 minus 8% total damage, 151 minus 15% total damage.

As it is new, it will be fun to do just this season, next season it will be extremely repetitive. You should create more randomness in your game.

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