Petition for 7 more Item Color Codes 🖌

Here me out this isnt as dumb as you think but its close.

So when you mark an item as favorite it puts a white thingie in top left.

I propose 7 more categories of these that we can use to mark items.

Green - Item is for sale at Diablo.Trade.
You can only trade this item.

Blue - Item has a offer on Diablo.Trade.
You can only trade this item.

Red - Item is hot on Diablo.Trade with multiple offers.
You can only trade this item.

Gold - Best in Slot Item.
Favorite gold status for your best 4/4 items.

Purple - Items needing enchanting or imprinting but gold or items not avail
Items can only be imprinted or enchanted.

Black - Item hidden from searches.
Item is favorited but hidden from searches. Perhaps its a good item for a build that can only be used on eternal such as Starfall Coronet 6s roll but you are not playing meteor sorc in season.

Orange - Item saved for aspect.
Item can only be extracted.

Good idea or useless AF?


They will add more as time progresses…

I hope so fellow poster.

Too bloated for my taste, while I’m all for more options I think this is just overthinking the problem. Maybe 1 or two more colors, but that would be it in my opinion. Also get this Diablo.Trade junk out here of :stuck_out_tongue: That would never fly with Blizzard, especially since it’s a third party site.

Edit: Was too hasty in my initial reaction. Some of these wouldn’t be bad actually. I would hold off on that aspect one until after S4 though, as Adam kind of hinted at a rework to how aspects will work.

Yah you have a good point here. This would never fly. My badsies!

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Speaking of colors, I was just thinking this weekend that it would be nice if your Sigils would have a colored boundary highlight if it was currently earning whispers.


Love that idea. +1 fur sure

Blizzard could give the player the option of choosing the item background colors.

Once they are in your inventory of course.

I’m in! good stuff!!

Updated my original reply, apologies for my hasty response.